Patch 0.9.3

Released: 23rd February 2021


Due to the nature of changes in this update, we won’t be able to support save files from before 0.9.3, which means you will need to start a new game with this patch. It would be too difficult to convert all existing saves, so instead we have opted to break compatibility. Thankfully, this is the only time we will intentionally do so! Going forward, you should be able to use the same save file between versions.

Although we try to prevent breaking save compatibility as much as possible and contain them all to the same update, there is still a chance that fixing save and load bugs may unfortunately end up invalidating saves again in the future. Thanks for your understanding!

Changes as of 0.9.3

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

Get those Factory floors ready for a whole bunch of new devices AND resources! Factory Gameplay 1.0 is finally here.

  • Existing resources are now split into tiers
    • Minerals have 4 Tiers, Isotopes have 3 Tiers
  • The resources you acquire from Ruins and Resource Patches/Nodes are all Tier 1 and can be refined via Resource devices in your factories
  • Tiers are like real-life currency – you can pay a dollar in pennies, but it’s probably faster if you have a full dollar. You don’t technically need to refine resources to build anything, but your city will expand much faster if you do
  • New Resource devices include:
    • Processors: devices that disintegrate resources for refinement into higher tiers. There are 3 levels of processor for 3 levels of conversion
    • Input Modules: allows you to put resources into the processor for refinement specific to resource types
    • Employee Module: an Employee is required to operate your equipment
    • Output Module: performs reintegration and output of a higher tier resource from a lower tier resource
    • Waste Module: stores any waste produced by refinement. If you don’t have one and keep it emptied regularly, waste will end up all over the floor
  • All Resource devices are modular – as long as the plug end of a Module is touching a Processor, you’ll be able to refine resources with ease!
  • To quickly cycle between Resource Tiers, you can use Tab for Minerals or Shift+Tab for Isotopes

Along with the new Factory gameplay, we’ve also SIGNIFICANTLY rebalanced costs and Rebel AI to make gameplay smoother and provide a comfortable difficulty curve. Thoughts on balance are welcome, we’d love to know if the game is too hard or too easy

Player ship to building combat is finally in place!

  • Fly your ships over to any Rebel camps you’ve discovered and take them down by attacking their buildings! You can target a ship or a building by selecting your own ship, and then right-clicking on its intended target
  • If you don’t want to destroy Rebel encampments using ships, the previous method of claiming their territory from under their feet is still available
  • Although you currently can’t fly through areas that aren’t under your command, we’ll be enabling more exploration of the map via Ships in the future!
  • We also added some VFX to ship targeting boxes on enemy ships – they now glow for added visibility

Speaking of the Rebels, be careful when you attack them, because they’ve been working on their own expansions:

  • Rebel camps now grow over time
  • Rebel now have functional Turrets to defend against your attacks
  • Rebel Shipyards spawn both Offensive and Defensive ships

There’s been a bunch of work behind the scenes as well!

  • We’ve refactored both the Trucks system and the Job system in the hopes of eliminating as many bugs as possible and for better code organization. Both systems should work exactly the same as before, but with less bugs!

A highly requested quality of life update

  • ?Added a time of day indicator next to the game speed buttons

Fixes as of 0.9.3

  • Many, many, many fixes and adjustments to our new features
  • Fixed resources not being waste not being removed from a storage container until filters toggled if built on top of waste
  • Fixed shield effects in ships not being displayed correctly 
  • Fixed the shipyard causing claim SFX to play much louder than usual if placed over unclaimed tiles
  • Fixed bad logo resizing in the new game menu
  • Fixed costs of other buildings incrementing incorrectly when unlocking the Transport Hub (due to roads also unlocking at the same time)