Patch 0.9.4

Released: 24th February 2021

Changes as of 0.9.4

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

UI Updates

  • ? Added ‘Current Resource Tier’ text to the tier selection menu at the bottom of the screen in City view and the top of the Device and Hull lists in Building and Shipyard views
  • ? Synced the tier selection between HUD and selected building resources – selecting a new resource in the HUD will also select it to build and vice versa

Balance Updates

  • ? Reduced the impact of resources owned by player on AI aggression by 75%
  • ? Reduced influence gain by 2%
  • ? Reduced costs of pylons so that they are more accessible to build
  • Increased the influence cost of claiming Rebel tiles


  • Removed the name field of the bug reporter for GDPR compliance

Fixes as of 0.9.4

  • Fixed a bug where Rebel buildings that underwent an upgrade would be registered in the power management system twice (also caused a crash)
  • Fixed waste module always reading ‘no space’
  • Fixed being allowed to upgrade or connect with resources that didn’t exist due to UI not refreshing correctly
  • Fixed a rare crash having to do with the Shipyard layout
  • Fixed a null reference during loading in combat
  • Fixed some loading screens get crunched at lower resolutions
  • Fixed tutorial skipping its final step, and not displaying text for camera tutorial
  • Fixed waste showing up on the floor as a crate when it’s supposed to be stored in the waste module