Patch 0.9.5

Released: 26th February 2021

Changes as of 0.9.5

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

? We’ve made the decision to remove Tier 4 Minerals and the Level 3 Processor, thanks to your feedback! Here are some of our thoughts:

  • By the 4th tier, the gameplay loop was getting repetitive, especially as a lot of the extra things we want to add to make it more interesting aren’t there yet
  • Players were spending too much time refining resources to max tier and not able to interact with other gameplay systems
  • Ship and Turret costs have been balanced, instead of forcing players to choose one over the other. All prices in general have been reduced by 25% (with the highest tier being 25x the value of a single mineral)

Lots of balancing changes!

  • Processing Balance
    • ? Reduced processing times overall by 60% to be faster
    • Waste module was previously not allowed to dismantle until completely emptied – now can be dismantled as long as there is space on the floor for its contents
  • Employee Balance
    • ? Lowered the starting salary of Employees from 60 to 40
    • ? Players now start with 12 Employees instead of 8
    • ? Supported Employees increase from upgrading the HQ is now 16/24/32
  • Citizen Balance
    • ? Citizens generate half as much waste as before
    • ? Citizen income increased to 1 credit every 5 seconds
  • Rebel and Combat Balance
    • Changed Rebel AI so that defensive ships spawned at a camp will attack buildings and ships that come into their range
    • Changed Rebel construction and Ruin harvesting to be based on time rather than player net worth to prevent buildings from getting stuck in construction states
    • Decreased Rebel growth rate slightly for easier difficulties
    • Slightly increased the range of the Rebel turrets
    • Players can no longer engage more than one enemy ship at a time
  • Trucks Balance
    • Increased cost of trucks to 250 credits each

UI and HUD Updates

  • ? Job categories for supplying input modules, emptying output modules, and cleaning out waste modules now exist in the Employee Management panel
  • ? Added a flag to input devices to indicate that there are no resources left to be processed
  • ? Added conversion tier information to the Resource Tier tooltips AND the Resource HUD tooltips
  • ? Optimized resource Tier icons so that they displayed correctly
  • Updated the text on Resource device tooltips to provide better information (for example: the more Employee modules attached, the faster the processing goes)
  • ? General polish to new UI features
  • Improved the look of the resource HUD at lower resolutions so that text doesn’t get squashed when the player has a triple digit amount of a resource stored
  • Adjusted the Council trading window to indicate that all trades are currently done in Tier 1 resources

Fixes as of 0.9.5

  • Fixed some text errors, clipping errors
  • Fixed two instances of ships not being allowed to dismantle if an Employee was already present at a workstation
  • Fixed waste module not visually connecting in the right direction
  • Fixed Rebel Shipyards spawning Rebel ships after being claimed
  • Fixed an invalid construction material on Rebel buildings
  • Fixed some audio being called too often
  • Fixed an exploit – resources are now returned at the same tier that was used to build them. No more infinite resources via dismantle! This has broken save compatibility again, so you will need to start a new game.
  • Fixed Continue and Load on the main menu showing the oldest save file in the tooltip instead of the most recent
  • Fixed player ships continuing to attack rebel ships when flying out of range (they will now cease attacking when they are out of range)
  • Fixed fuel tooltip in the HUD displaying bad information
  • Fixed a bug causing devices to not be built at higher game speeds 
  • Fixed too many resources being returned to the player when a building was destroyed (should only have been delivering a fraction of resources used to build)
  • Fixed ‘draining batteries’ flag being visible on Depots and Batteries when not connected to a grid
  • Fixed resources from an output module sometimes not being picked up if the processor was disabled
  • Fixed pickup jobs from output modules being cancelled if the output module became disabled for any reason. They are now cancelled only if the device is dismantled.
  • Fixed UI not refreshing when a module started or finished processing, so dismantle button was sometimes enabled or disabled when it should have been the opposite
  • Fixed rebuild mechanic not taking into account the player’s currently selected resource tier (resulted in many things not being rebuilt)
  • Fixed cached paths not being cleared when roads were built (this was the primary cause of Employees walking in midair over roads that had no bridges. Still identifying other potential sources)
  • Fixed dismantle tooltip on a Factory containing resources inaccurately displaying the resources of any devices inside as returned on dismantle
  • Fixed input module being allowed to dismantle after accepting resources if the processor was disabled
  • Fixed resource HUD tooltip not showing available tiers if no resources of that type were stored