Patch 0.6.4

Released: 20th November 2020

Patch Highlights:

  • ROADS GO BRR: Roads now burrow!
  • NO MORE REPAIR DESPAIR: Rebuild directly from rubble.
  • BROWNIE POINTS: Gain 10 influence for destroying a rebel ship
  • SHORTCUTS: Hop directly between buildings without City View!

Changes as of 0.6.4

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

Roads go brrr

  • ? Roads now burrow! Watch your credits though, as the amount of buildings you’ll be burrowing will be much larger than before if you have a big Transport network.

Don’t despair about needing repairs!

  • ? The moment we’ve all been waiting for – you can now Rebuild buildings that have been destroyed by Rebels! Rebuild All function coming at a later date.
  • Ship Repairing – repairing in the Shipyard will now repair all of your devices and floor tiles at no extra cost! Repairing your Ship’s hull will still cost credits, though.
    • There’s currently no VFX for this, so it will look like it’s happening automatically.
  • ? Building repairs can now be cancelled

Brownie Points

  • You now gain 10 influence every time you destroy a Rebel ship

No more blockages!

  • Employees now teleport off ships instead of walking off, which should help with ship launch getting stuck

Looking fresh

  • Updated the look and contents of the Codex
  • ? Added warning/error icons to Buildings and Ships when devices inside them are not functioning (missing Citizens, no power, storage full, etc)
  • Added a ton of juicy new SFX to UI interactions and buildings
  • Changed the look of our survey flags again – they now show exactly which resources are inside a ruin, including any artifacts.

I know a shortcut!

  • ? Shortcut button is back, with some improvements. This will make hopping between factories much faster!

Fixes as of 0.6.4

  • Fixed a bunch of jobs that were not categorized properly, causing them to be completed last instead of in their correct prioritization
  • Fixed a few crashes that occurred while loading
  • Optimized some city pathfinding
  • Fixed not being able to drag jobs to the bottom of a folder
  • Fixed some text clipping issues
  • Fixed how folders interact on ships
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy when connecting smokestacks
  • Fixed storage discrepancies when upgrading mines
  • Fixed storage discrepancies that occurred when buying from the Spaceport or Council buildings
  • Fixed UI for ship launch not being reset to the correct state when loading in after launching a ship
  • Fixed UI not showing ship stats correctly when entering during a dismantle
  • Fixed some settings not being applied automatically (had to restart the game to have them take effect)
  • Fixed a lot of devices not having arrows displayed for entrances (generator on ship, for example)