Patch 0.22.0

Released: 1st February 2022

Update 19: Weather & Progression


NEW WEATHER: Fog and xethane emissions!
CAREER PROGRESSION: Track your progress between games.
NEW VICTORY CARDS & VICTORY POINTS: Unlock more ways to win!
and more!

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. You can expect the next Titan Tuesday update on March 1st, 2022.

Update 19: Weather & Progression

See the full patch notes below!

Changes as of 0.22.0

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Career Progression System

  • Track progression between playthroughs
  • Unlock new victory cards for future corporations
  • Codex entries are now unlocked through gameplay
  • Career progress can be reset by deleting “user.usr” file, which can be found in: %localappdata%\Titan\GameData\Career\user.usr

New Victory Cards and Points

  • Cards: Enterprising Employer, Industrial Idealogue
  • Points: Current waste, Current tier 3 Resources, current conversion centers, current offices, current residentials, current factories

New Weather

  • Heavy Fog, decreases turret range and visibility
  • Xethane Emissions, Causes all Xethane emitters to emit more Xethane

Weather Changes

  • Snowstorms and Sandstorms now reduce turret range by one, no longer decrease visibility
  • Improved rain effects
  • Puddles now form on the ground and rooftops during rain

New Rebel ship layouts

  • The Freedom K1 has received some new interior layouts, be on the lookout for these when engaging with rebel forces!

🪐 Added New In-Game Notifications for Certain Events

  • Weather condition starting
  • Victory point gained/revoked
  • Building/device complete
  • Building upgrade/connection complete
  • Ship hull complete
  • Salaries paid/failed to pay salaries
  • Corporate goal achieved/revoked
  • Migrant ship arrives
  • Mine needs a new target
  • Resource patch depleted

Balance Changes

  • Fuel tanks and batteries that are destroyed on ships will be empty after they are fully repaired

Community Suggestions

  • 🪐 Changing fonts will now prompt you to restart the game so that all text changes are applied properly
  • 🪐 Removed “active” column in Prioritized Tasks list, when a prioritized job is taken it will move back to the regular job list until it is complete
  • 🪐 Simplified the credit section of citizen management tab to match the information in the credits tooltip
  • 🪐 Increased the timer for smokestacks on roads requesting waste, reducing the chances of trucks only carrying one waste unit to smoke stacks

Fixes as of 0.22.0

  • When using a text field to change the number of dedicated workers, pressing enter will now correctly remove focus from that text field
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when defeating a rebel ship while being in close proximity to another rebel ship
  • Hovering over the “Repair All” button will now show the cost of that action in a tooltip
  • Fixed resource indicators above surveyed inert ruins not re-appearing if you cancel activating them
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the unlock button for tech bridges to not appear in some situations while the game was paused
  • Fixed an issue with the grid’s energy info not updating correctly when a building that uses power is being upgraded
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the sirens on the shipyard to play indefinitely if you entered and exited a building while a ship was launching
  • Fixed tooltip on pause button for jobs not always displaying the correct information
  • Fixed fuel info not displaying correctly on the left hand panel in combat view
  • Fixed “Automatically show selected grid” option not automatically changing the grid shown when selecting something
  • 🪐 Fixed an issue that would cause Science labs to disappear after being connected
  • 🪐Fixed a migrant ship description issue in the Turkish localization