Patch 0.25.0

Released: 3rd May 2022

Update 22: Rival AI 1.0


RIVAL AI: Compete against a new rival corporation!
BIGGER MAPS: Maps are 1000+ tiles bigger.
FASTER TECH: Research tech faster.
FIRE REWORK: Fire spreads differently now!

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. You can expect the next Titan Tuesday on June 7th.

Changes as of 0.24.0

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Rival AI has been introduced to the game!

  • Rival AI can be selected at the start of a new game
  • Currently one AI personality (more to come during Early Access)
  • Will spawn somewhere on the map and build a city alongside yours!
  • Rival AI has their own victory card that it will try to complete
  • Player will spawn in a corner of the map instead of the center when a rival is in the game
  • Cannot directly attack AI, and AI will not attack the player (will come later in Early Access)

Map sizes are significantly larger

  • increased to 72×72 from 64×64

Advisor Chat Button

  • If you miss or dismiss an audio log during gameplay you will be able to listen to it by clicking the new “Chat” button for that advisor
  • Quitting, or saving and loading will remove all pending chats
  • Any missed chats can still be replayed from the codex at any time
  • Added unlockable lore logs for Population and Waste advisors

Tech Web 

  • New tech: non-flammable roads. Researching this tech will stop fire from spreading to roads
  • Slightly increased the speed of researching tech in the early game

Fire Spread Rework

  • Fire no longer spreads exponentially. Instead, there is a global timer that will determine when a fire will spread from a building with a high enough fire intensity
  • Initially, fire will only spread to one building at a time, as more buildings catch fire the amount of fires that can spread at once will increase up to 3 at a time
  • Extinguishing a fire will decrease the fire intensity of nearby burning buildings
  • Increased the amount of time it takes for an extinguished building to be able to catch fire again

Balance Changes:

  • Building repair speed has been increased
  • Extinguishing fire is now free

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added an interior camera transition when entering and exiting shipyards
  • The foam upgrade for fire extinguishers has a new sound effect
  • Market Cap summary screen has been adjusted to use the space better
  • Added a tooltip to the “Rebuild All” button when it is unavailable

Fixes as of 0.25.0

  • Fixed research bar briefly disappearing when entering buildings
  • Fixed focus not being correctly released when pressing Enter after editing employee priorities
  • Fixed some UI elements not being clickable if the mouse was not moved between clicks
  • Fixed employee module and auto power shield not getting unlocked in the codex
  • Fixed background audio continuing to play from the council woman if “Continue Playing” was clicked too quickly after achieving victory
  • Fixed audio drop notifications getting dismissed by other notifications
  • Fixed storage upgrade button on council and spaceport building appearing available when the player does not have enough credits
  • Fixed “Engine Required” warning appearing in the shipyard when building additional engines after one has been built
  • Fixed sound effects for damaging ships playing when loading into a save with a damaged player ship
  • Fixed Rebuild All button not using all tiers of resources the player has to determine if the button is available – This will make Rebuild All available in situations where it previously wasn’t