Patch 0.25.2

Released: 26th May 2022

Changes as of 0.25.2

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Science/Tech Web

  • Updated science tab tooltip to display the current research task and its progress bar
  • Moved the legend in the tech web to the bottom of the screen
  • 🪐 New tech in the tech web: Faster building repairs
  • Added new VFX to researching nodes when research efficiency techs are unlocked


  • Truck construction queue information will become hidden when the transport hub is full
  • Added a tooltip to the button for removing trucks from the construction queue

Employee Menu

  • 🪐 Added text to the full-time jobs list when it is empty to make it easier to tell when the list is open or collapsed


  • 🪐 Existing processor modules will not display plug icons when placing a new module
    • All existing module plug icons will still be displayed when placing a processor

Fixes as of 0.25.2

  • Fixed the checkmark icon on the science tab not being scaled correctly
  • Fixed ship’s information panel not displaying the correct amount of fuel generated
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue in ships that could occur when a device was canceled before it finished building
  • Fixed pathfinding issues on ships that could occur after loading into a game
  • Fixed priority flags for buildings under construction/upgrading disappearing after saving and loading
  • Fixed an issue where FPS could drop when keeping a resource patch selected while an employee extracts it
  • Fixed an issue where the power overlay legend would get toggled when turning a pylon on/off
  • 🪐Fixed a typo on the Mega Miner corporate goal
  • Fixed the “close” button on the roadmap panel not being aligned over the top right corner
  • Fixed the “No connected output module” flag being cleared if a waste module was attached to a processor without an output module
  • Fixed Xethane ruins that have not been activated showing different emission levels during Xethane emission weather events
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a ship tries to attack a building that is already destroyed
  • Experimental players:
  • Fixed trucks sometimes not displaying upgrade VFX
  • Fixed pathfinding on ships breaking when a crew member dies while floor tiles are damaged

You can find the full list of known issues here.