Patch 0.26.0

Released: 7th June 2022

Update 23: QOL and Optimizations


PEAK PERFORMANCE: Lots of quality-of-life improvements and optimizations!
AS ALL THINGS SHOULD BE: Balance changes to combat, buildings, and more!

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. You can expect the next Titan Tuesday on July 5th.


🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!


  • 🪐Significant performance improvements have been made to many of the game’s systems. This should create a much smoother gameplay experience for players with less powerful computers or very large cities
  • Disabled error logging by default
    • As the game has become more stable we no longer need to constantly log any background errors. This should result in a slight performance increase for players
    • If there are consistent issues in a save file error logging can be enabled from the settings menu before submitting bug reports

Quality of Life Changes

  • 🪐Added Truck Queue
    • Truck production can now be queued, as long as you have the credits you can start queueing trucks in your transport hub once it’s online
  • Updated science tab tooltip to display the current research task and it’s progress bar
  • Moved the legend in the tech web to the bottom of the screen
  • Holding down the increase or decrease dedicated workers button on the employee management panel will now continuously add or remove dedicated workers
  • Added tooltip to the button for increasing storage space in the spaceport and council hall when the player cannot afford the upgrade
  • 🪐 Added text to the full-time jobs list when it is empty to make it easier to tell when the list is open or collapsed
  • 🪐 Existing processor modules will not display plug icons when placing a new module
    • All existing module plug icons will still be displayed when placing a processor
  • Updated the rival selection button

More Fire Quality of Life Updates

  • Added a progress bar to buildings that are on fire
    • This bar will display the current fire intensity on the building and should make it easier to see which buildings need to be extinguished first
  • Added a warning notification when any building catches fire
    • This notification appears similar to the building under attack notification
    • Clicking the notification will center the camera on the first building to catch fire, or return to city view when inside a building
    • The notification will tell you how many buildings are on fire, and the current fire intensity of the first building to catch fire


  • Added VFX to trucks when they get upgraded in the science lab
  • Added VFX to operational air purifiers
  • Added new VFX to researching nodes when research efficiency techs are unlocked

Balance Changes

  • Rebel ships have -20/-30/-40 HP for Tier 1/2/3 respectively
  • Rebel ships with Gatling guns are weighted as more difficult and should not show up in earlier waves as often
  • Player ships have -20/-40/-60 HP for Tier 1/2/3 respectively
  • Building construction time is 30% faster for all buildings
  • Increased the time it takes for an extinguished building to reignite
  • 🪐Added Faster building repairs tech to tech web


  • Fixed an issue with codex entries that didn’t have a set image displaying the image of the last codex entry selected
  • Fixed an issue that caused the brightness to decrease in city view after leaving combat view
  • Fixed damaged buildings losing damage texture if an upgrade is canceled
  • Fixed livability stat on residential buildings not displaying “Unlivable” when completely full of waste
  • Fixed an issue with the “Discovered Technologies” section of the Tech Web panel not being populated till at least 1 scientist was assigned
  • Fixed new game panel not disappearing after selecting the load option in the main menu
  • Fixed Quill Baas’ name not being localized in the new game menu
  • Fixed advisor call button not always being available in certain situations
  • Fixed incorrect mining rates being shown on isotope nodes targeted by mines after loading the game
  • Fixed saving and loading in shipyards not saving the camera orientation
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause citizens to become “stuck” on the corner of the spaceport while call to arms was active
  • Fixed Rival AI being able to complete some tutorial steps for the player
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Rival AI’s power grid to be visible in the fog of war when the power overlay was on
  • Fixed an issue that could allow ships to instantly dock in shipyards from anywhere on the map
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Sciaro’s third tutorial step to not complete if the ruin selected was an un-activated inert ruin
  • Fixed an issue where the Rival AI could unlock achievements for the player
  • Fixed the newsletter signup not accepting capital letters in email addresses
  • Fixed inability to unlock Quill Baas’ codex entry
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some employees to get stuck after using “Dismantle All” on a ship
  • Fixed an issue where buildings that were being upgraded were still visible and selectable through the fog of war when command range was lost
  • Fixed the checkmark icon on the science tab not being scaled correctly
  • Fixed ship’s information panel not displaying the correct amount of fuel generated
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue in ships that could occur when a device was canceled before it finished building
  • Fixed priority flags for buildings under construction/upgrading disappearing after saving and loading
  • Fixed an issue where FPS could drop when keeping a resource patch selected while an employee extracts it
  • Fixed an issue where the power overlay legend would get toggled when turning a pylon on/off
  • 🪐Fixed a typo on the Mega Miner corporate goal
  • Fixed the “close” button on the roadmap panel not being aligned over the top right corner
  • Fixed the “No connected output module” flag being cleared if a waste module was attached to a processor without an output module
  • Fixed Xethane ruins that have not been activated showing different emission levels during Xethane emission weather events
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a ship tries to attack a building that is already destroyed