Patch 0.27.0

Released: 5th July 2022

Update 24: Victory Contracts


PRESSED FOR SUCCESS: Victory Conditions have been reworked into Victory Contracts!
A LEG UP: You can now start new games with Starting Bonuses!
LIKE THE WIND: A new environmental effect is here: wind!

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. As we ramp up for the 1.0 launch, we will be moving away from a monthly update schedule to help us complete the remaining features more quickly. You’ll still hear updates from us on the development progress each month, but we may not have a new build for you to play every Titan Tuesday going forward.

EDIT: The version is now 0.27.1 due to a hotfix which added the updated roadmap.
EDIT 2: The version is now 0.27.2 due to a hotfix which changed the carousel image text from a countdown to “Planned Future Updates”

Changes and New Features

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

New Environmental Effect: Wind

  • Each map will have a wind direction set at the start of the game
  • Pollution will be moved by the wind
  • Wind strength will vary over time

New Gameplay Feature: Starting Bonuses

  • Starting bonuses will offer powerful boosts that can change how you approach each game
  • Each bonus will also have a related drawback, so choose carefully!
  • At the start of a new game you can pick 1 (or none) of 4 bonuses

Victory Conditions 2.0

  • Victory conditions have been re-worked to Victory Contracts!
  • Victory points are now arranged in a tier list by victory card
  • In order to unlock a victory point in a higher tier, you must first complete a victory point in the tier below
  • Unlocking and completing higher tier points will grant more score towards victory
  • If a point is lost in a lower tier, all higher tier points it granted access to will stop counting towards your score until the lower tier point is achieved again
  • Victory will now be graded in Bronze, Silver or Gold. Each level will award 1, 2 and 3 trophies respectively.
  • Progression is being updated, Trophies will now be tracked across playthroughs for unlocking additional victory cards and Starting Bonuses

New Game Option: Choose Game Length

  • Game length can be set at the start of a new game
  • Can choose to start a short, normal, or long game
  • Short games require fewer points to claim victory, long games will require more points


  • Updated VFX for research efficiency upgrades
  • Added exhaust VFX to trucks
  • 🪐 Damaged flag will appear on devices that get destroyed in combat
    • This will make it much easier to know when a device on a ship is not working because it needs to be fully repaired
  • 🪐 Tutorials will now prompt players before immediately delivering tutorial instructions
    • The first few tutorial steps will still automatically play, after those players will be prompted to accept the next objective when they are ready
  • A building’s health bar will now always display when the fire intensity bar displays
  • Added Braxton’s audio logs
  • Updated the priorities icon in the worker management panel
  • Simplified tooltips for some of the buttons in the top bar when the function is not unlocked yet


  • 🪐 Roads are always non-flammable
  • 🪐 All buildings are now unlocked with credits
  • Reduced the time increase from each researched node by 20%
  • Increased turret health by 10/15/20 for levels 1/2/3
  • Reduced the health of tier 1 and 2 Rebel ships by -20 and -10 respectively
  • Increased the health of all buildings by 10-15%
  • Increased starting influence from 20 > 50
  • Increased passive influence gain rate by 25%
  • Devices construct 3x faster
  • Reduced build, upgrade and connection times for all buildings
  • Ruin actions are 20% faster


  • Fixed space bar exiting the building after renaming it while inside
  • Fixed connecting two storage facilities initially displaying a full progress bar until the job starts
  • Fixed building selection SFX playing louder after exiting an interior view
  • Fixed Power Shield M VFX only displaying when powering off
  • Fixed an issue where the “Under attack” and “Building on Fire” banners could still be clicked after they went away
  • Fixed a number of issues that could occur when pausing and resuming device construction/dismantle jobs
  • Fixed audio log background SFX continuing to play if a log finished playing in the codex
  • Fixed an issue with advisor’s being louder when talking to you while inside a ship
  • Fixed tooltip for No Free Employees not displaying numbers if there are no employees
  • Fixed fire warning sound effect playing each time a building was extinguished if other buildings were on fire
  • Fixed an issue with dismantled devices appearing incorrectly when saving/loading in the middle of the process
  • Fixed an issue with health and fire intensity bars not immediately appearing on buildings when loading into a paused game
  • Fixed an issue where resource patches had a brief period where they could be set for dismantle while having 0 resources