Patch 0.5.1-b1519

Released: 18th March 2021

Changes in 0.5.1-b1519

? indicates changes due to community feedback

  • Reduced Vulcan duration and heat output
    • Updated the controls under the “help” pages (CTRL to invert melee direction in combat, 1-4 to control time during turn execution
    • Added more SFX to Ultra Heavies and Small Missiles
    • Lots of bug fixing!

Fixed Issues in 0.5.1-b1519

  • Fixed an issue where crashing tanks pushed into terrain could not be killed (it is still possible to partially push them into terrain but they should no longer block a victory)
  • Fixed an issue where destroyed parts weren’t getting properly repaired
  • Fixed barrier not appearing on units in the base even though the parts are fully repaired
    • Fixed repair timer defaulting to six hours after loading
    • Fixed weapon ranges flickering on tall buildings in industrial maps
    • It should no longer be possible to have attack duration exceed turn length on Ultra-Heavy Weapons
    • Fixed SFX on Ultra-Heavy weapons looping if the unit is killed or crashed in the middle of their attack
  • Fixed shield animations on slow moving mechs
  • Fixed targeting animations on low-duration firing with slow-moving mechs
  • Fixed sliding animations on fast, ultra-heavy equipped mechs
  • Fixed shield position popping on very slow mechs