Patch 1.2.1

Released: 7th February 2024

  • ▲ – a buff was applied
  • ▼ – a nerf was applied
  • ⮂ – a tradeoff occurred
  • 🦾 – a change was made based on community feedback

Changes and new features 

  • 🦾 Adjusted contest mechanics to make raiding more straightforward. Escalation increase over time can no longer progress to a next level: only winning a fight can progress the escalation meter further. Players can avoid the contest state or higher escalation by leaving a province, with no time limit.
  • 🦾 Added more information to overworld UI. Selected POI will display escalation increase after combat, making it easier to choose safe targets while raiding.
    • During province contest, the game will additionally display faction strength changes.
  • 🦾 Added a difficulty setting for Home Guard strength decay during province contest. The decay can be disabled entirely. Note: battle sites will not spawn if the decay is disabled and Home Guard score remains above 90%.
  • 🦾Added hint that spacebar can be used to skip dialogue
  • Added text hint for how to multi-select in the inventory screen
  • Items can be marked as “favorite” with a new button, making it easier to track your favorite loot in inventory.

Balance Changes

  • ▼ Reduced the per-missile damage of the Scythe ML (75 > 45), increased heat generation (130 > 140)
  • ▼ Reduced the total damage of the Hydra ML (160 > 140).
  • ▲Increased the leading factor for friendly units, slightly improving accuracy of player attacks
  • ▼Locked level upgrading on boss reward weapons

Visual improvements 

  • Improved the visuals of Shieldbearer and Frigate bosses
  • Improved the boss weapon visuals
  • Added new destruction effects to the Shieldbearer boss shields
  • Improved the camera animation at the start of boss battles
  • Improved background detail and prop placements on a number of new maps
  • Fixed floating grass appearing in the corner of every combat encounter
  • Fixed explosion effects not appearing on some of the background vehicles
  • Fixed the smoke effects on boss part destruction sticking around for multiple turns
  • Fixed missing distant sun shadows, improved distant shadow quality


  • Fixed the Hydra ML randomly targeting units in all directions instead of prioritizing targets ahead of it
  • Fixed missiles fired from the rear launcher on boss units not being accurately predicted during planning
  • Fixed missing translations to the message log button tooltips
  • Fixed missing localization for the overworld boss tutorial
  • Fixed planned actions being deleted from the timeline after a unit recovers from a cross-turn crashing state
  • Fixed the “Token of Appreciation” event triggering at sites other than civilian settlements
  • Fixed mech frame salvage causing combat units to remain active in player saves.
  • Fixed the game failing to enter combat at radio station sites.
  • Fixed missing tooltip on the Home Guard strength progress bar during province contests.
  • Fixed the original level of parts not being loaded from saves, enabling unlimited level upgrading.
  • Fixed an issue in the database system that led to some config mods failing to load
  • Fixed the game failing to load configs with tags introduced through mod libraries
  • Fixed cargo units sometimes spawning next to their retreat zones
  • Fixed mislabeled side launchers on the Redback frigate boss