Patch 1.3.3

Released: 18th June 2024

Phantom Bridage SDK Banner

Changes and New Features

  • Released the Mod SDK to simplify modding and enable more complex modifications. The project includes the tools we used to develop Phantom Brigade and we’re very excited to see what you create with them! Check out this article for more details!
  • Added support for Steam Workshop. You can subscribe to mods using the Steam client: once downloaded by Steam, the mods will be loaded on. Just like with local mods, you can inspect your installations through the Mods section of the main menu.
  • Improved the mod menu to fit longer text, display more information and support embedded links
  • Improved lighting on distant terrain
  • Improved the appearance of dissipating missile trails
  • Improved backgrounds on several maps


  • Fixed incorrect materials appearing on the ground in place of grass on multiple maps
  • Fixed units receiving constant damage from sliding over flat ground
  • Fixed an issue where tanks could get pushed into terrain and become difficult to destroy
  • Removed cavities under the terrain of many different maps
  • Fixed Vent and Charge actions only being available if the associated module was installed in the torso. The actions will now be available no matter the module location.
  • Fixed AI not respecting the duration of some actions leading to unusual behavior and overlapping actions
  • Fixed the embedded laser turret on boss enemies being able to shoot units through the boss’s body
  • Fixed a large number of bugs and deficiencies in the modding system. More information available here

Known Issues

  • Enemy mechs may not eject when they normally would.
  • Tooltips can flow off the sides of the screen in some circumstances.
  • Occasionally destroyed mechs are flung around the map after viewing replay mode.
  • On launch, it seems audio is occasionally not playing on the main menu and in gameplay except for cutscenes. If you do encounter this please relaunch your game.
  • There is a chance of the province liberation event being interrupted by other post-combat events, meaning the opportunity to participate in the parade is not given to the player when the province is won.
  • Some events do not end correctly – this could be caused by playing with an older save file.
  • Sometimes patrols can get stuck behind the mobile base without engaging in combat. This can be resolved by entering liberated territory briefly.
  • Performance issues are common.