Patch 1.1.0

Released: 1st August 2023

Changes and New Features 

  • ▲ – a buff was applied
  • ▼ – a nerf was applied
  • ⮂ – a tradeoff occurred
  • 🦾 – a change was made based on community feedback

Content Variety 

  • Changed the rules for which combat map is selected for each type of overworld entity
    • Combat map randomization will avoid the last selected map if more than one map is available
    • Patrols and convoys now qualify for a wider range of maps instead of just Forest themed maps
    • Forward bases now qualify for Military maps instead of Forest maps
    • Cities, towns and villages now qualify for at least 2 maps each, instead of just one
  • Added new types of patrols
    • Patrols are now split into 7 different types, and no longer contain the exact same enemy squad for each fight and can vary in speed and vision on the overworld. Some new varieties include:
      • Arrowhead – Small vision radius on the overworld, but it moves quickly.
      • Hunter – Significantly larger vision radius than a standard patrol. Moves very slowly on the overworld.
      • Armored Unit – 8 tanks with very low armour, no mechs.
  • Added the missing Blackbird armour – it is now a full set!

Quality of Life 

  • 🦾 Added the ability to drag ALL ACTIONS on the timeline
    • You can now drag dashes, melee, movement actions, and wait actions!
    • Dragging actions into each other will now shift them along the timeline
    • Empty space between movement actions now counts as a ‘wait’ action, with the mech facing in the last chosen direction
      • You can still use the wait action to force your mech to look in a specific direction without moving

  • 🦾 Changed the way melee attacks function
    • We rewrote the melee hit detection system from the ground up to make it more reliable and easier to execute
    • Melee weapons now emit shockwaves that continuously apply damage to everything in their path
    • These shockwaves are deterministically sampled, resulting in 1:1 prediction and execution
    • This new system is more reliable and stable at low framerates, while the previous system was less so due to high complexity and reliance on animation based physics

  • Added new UI to landing enemy reinforcements to improve their visibility
  • Added missing functionality that allows attacks against landing units
  • Added new UI to crash prediction system to improve visibility of crash occurrence
  • Added isoline display to maps while planning movements or selecting a target
  • Changed the appearance of retreat zones to be more visible

Balance Changes 

  • Fixed a significant data issue in the difficulty scaling of combat scenarios
    • Due to an oversight in data, some scenarios were spawning several units more than they should have been, elevating the difficulty of the game significantly in the second province
  • ⮂ Changed turret behaviour
    • Turrets now detect targets in a cone and fire at appropriate ranges, rather than detecting in a static circle
  • ▲ Changed shotgun balance to have a wider effective range

Modding Support 

For a more comprehensive description of the changes made to support modding efforts, please follow this link:

Below is a surface level list of changes made to support the modding community:

  • Simplified mod installation – the mods.yaml file required to install mods is now included automatically without requiring a user to create it themselves
  • Added support for pilot portrait overlays, including decorative overlays for use with the official 3D portraits
    • This also allows for fully 2D portraits to fully cover the 3D portraits if desired
  • Added support to mod UI sprites
  • Added support for modding weapon colours, firing patterns, and special perks
  • Extended visual system allowing for kitbashing of new weapons and armor
  • Extended weapon generation system
  • Extended scenario system, allowing creation of complex combat scenarios and modifications of the combat system
  • Fixed a huge number of issues in the modding system suggested by programmers in the modding community. Thank you for your continued support and patience!

Bug Fixes 

Quality of Life Fixes 

  • Fixed the FTUE being unskippable and triggering by default when no save files are detected
  • Fixed a framerate drop that occurred when hovering over a part in mech customization
  • Fixed subsystems not being allowed to pin to the top of the inventory menu when examined
  • Fixed CTRL+click and click being inverted in the inventory
  • Fixed accidentally pinning items in the inventory menu via single click
  • Fixed sort by quality order being reversed in the inventory
  • Fixed retreat zone placement often being extremely far away from the starting location of player units
  • Fixed an issue causing rain sensors and repair cost/speed and workshop speed buffs not taking effect immediately
  • Fixed tanks getting stuck trying to path through downed mechs
  • Fixed contested province ambient UI not ending after winning a province
  • Fixed destruction effect remaining stuck on dead units
  • Fixed unit explosions not doing damage to the surrounding environment
  • Fixed low-spec PCs being unable to complete the tutorial due to framerate issues preventing units from completing their actions correctly
  • Fixed some grass being the wrong colour/wrong tileset
  • Fixed melee attacks sometimes causing enemy bullets to not spawn
  • Fixed camera focus in tutorial not working correctly

UI Fixes 

  • Fixed workshop build speed not correctly updating in UI once the upgrade was installed
  • Fixed a rounding bug in UI display of times causing them to be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed heat calculation displaying incorrectly in mech customization/inventory menus
  • Fixed a display issue with the visuals of all turret ranges and improved turret scan readability
  • Fixed bookmarked liveries not being saved on quit to desktop and relaunch
  • Fixed HG reputation UI not matching actual reputation in memory
  • Fixed all instances of UI accidentally being carried to a new context (ie, pilot UI appearing in combat etc)
  • Fixed Decoy Drone and Rain Sensor counters not updating correctly
  • Fixed crashing units becoming detached from their actual location in certain circumstances, causing teleporting
  • Fixed repair completion and damaged unit tooltips on the overworld not refreshing correctly

Data Fixes 

  • Fixed the ‘Pilot Left’ message triggering every time the game was loaded
  • Fixed an issue with the Volunteer event that contributed to bad memory
  • Fixed destroying buildings not being restored to their original state if the game was loaded and combat was re-entered
  • Fixed low-level weapons doing no concussion damage to higher-level enemies
  • Fixed subsystems not adjusting stats by the correct amount
  • Fixed subsystems not applying to parts above level 1 correctly
  • Fixed perks that adjust range being incorrectly applied to ballistic weapons (ballistic weapons still get the scatter angle perk)
  • Fixed Crystal Matrix perk effect being inverted
  • Fixed music not playing on the overworld after completing the tutorial
  • Fixed some workshop projects missing from the complete list
  • Fixed retreating from a Blitz scenario on the turn that enemies were replanning resulting in a defeat instead of a victory
  • Fixed a levelling exploit to do with the workshop
  • Fixed an exploit where securing convoy loot on the same turn that all enemies died doubled the rewards received
  • Fixed infinite supplies exploit in the Director event
  • Fixed a number of missing workshop blueprints, made loot drops more varied

Achievement Fixes 

  • Fixed Take It Back achievement triggering incorrectly 30% of the time
  • Fixed Melee Master achievement triggering incorrectly

Localization/Typo Fixes 

  • Reviewed and resolved a large number of mistranslations in Japanese
  • Reviewed and resolved several mistranslations in Russian
  • Resolved a number of typos in English
  • Resolved a number of small, one off translation issues in multiple other languages
  • Fixed Tsubasa armor having Arrow text in the workshop
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip for barrier mechanic

Known issues 

  • All audio except for cutscene audio will sometimes not play
  • Tooltips can flow off the sides of the screen in some circumstances
  • Occasionally destroyed mechs are flung around the map after viewing replay mode
  • On launch, it seems audio is occasionally not playing on the main menu and in gameplay except for cutscenes. If you do encounter this please relaunch your game
  • There is a chance of the province liberation event being interrupted by other post combat events, meaning the opportunity to participate in the parade is not given to the player when the province is won
  • Some events do not end correctly – this could be caused by playing with an older save file
  • Sometimes patrols can get stuck behind the mobile base without engaging in combat. This can be resolved by entering liberated territory briefly
  • Many maps that contain turrets do not also have generator buildings – turrets must be manually destroyed on these maps
  • Performance issues are common
  • Tsubasa workshop project has the same text as Arrow workshop project
  • Moving actions on the timeline when a unit has a dash action finishing from a previous turn can cause a crash