Update 1.1.3

Released: 29th August 2023


  • Fixed an issue that caused splash damage weapons to convert all heat/stagger damage into concussion damage
  • Fixed an issue with melee attacks applying concussion damage as stagger debuff resulting in extreme stagger damage
  • Fixed all active proximity detonation projectiles (missiles/energy weapons) getting deactivated if a targeted unit executed a dash or melee attack
  • Fixed concussion damage getting reduced by mechs holding heavy weapons. Concussion damage will only be reduced by the weight of mech body parts
  • Fixed a rare case where locked options became clickable in overworld event UI on completion of fade in animation
  • Fixed hovering over attack actions in the timeline failing to trigger target information to display in the top left corner of combat UI.


  • Extended the library of 3D models available for kitbashing to allow creating new custom visuals for weapons and equipment
  • Added a console command to generate documentation about available interface functions, including examples of how to write them in YAML
  • Added ability to mod sprites in combat comms UI
  • Mod can now trigger arbitrary overworld functions on base upgrades
  • Added direct input support for modding kitbashed visuals.
  • Added support for color field modification in config edit mods.
  • Fixed config editing mods crashing when attempting to edit integer dictionary keys.
  • Simplified config editing with support for reusing last path.