Patch 1.0.4

Released: 8th March 2023

Hey there Brigadiers, another hotfix is dropping with lots of balance changes and bug fixes! In terms of new features, heat is now visible on the timeline before you place an action. Now that’s what I call a HOTfix! Missile launchers being super powerful has been another hot topic, and in response we’ve rebalanced the amount of missile launchers you’ll encounter in combat and made dashing much more effective at scrambling missiles, so they should feel less oppressive now. Read on for more details!

Please note – there is a potential issue with players on Epic Games Store experiencing corrupt installs. If you have at any point experienced blank text boxes during gameplay, please uninstall and reinstall your game, delete all local files, and start a new game.

  • ▲ – a buff was applied
  • ▼ – a nerf was applied
  • ⮂ – a tradeoff occurred
  • 🦾 – a change was made based on community feedback

Changes and New Features

  • 🦾 Added heat visuals to the timeline before placing an action
  • Added minor polishing of combat effects, particle brightness and color adjustments

Balance Changes

  • ▲ Battlesite spawn limit to 1 instead of 2
  • ⮂ Rebalanced the amount of loot gained at convoys
    • Convoys now give more varied loot on completion
    • Each type of convoy (Equipment, Reinforced and Repair) now drops different amounts of loot
  • ▲ Increased the Uncommon and Rare component limit to 250
  • ⮂ Rebalanced the damage threshold on all structure destruction scenarios
  • ⮂ Rebalanced how many Missile Launcher units appear in combat
  • ▲ Increased the amount of time missile scramble effect is in place when dashing, from 4sec max to 10sec max
  • ▲ Increased the maximum range in which missile scramble effect is in place when dashing, from 30m to 90m


  • 🦾 Fixed a typo in the T9 Thruster effect that caused it to be inverted
  • 🦾 Fixed a typo causing Supercharge 1 perk to have a buff of 70% (it is now reduced to 7% as intended)
  • 🦾 Fixed a scaling issue where DC1 Impact Cannons were giving x27 the amount of supplies they should have
  • 🦾 Fixed an issue where due to Null Ref Exceptions the main menu displayed as black and games could not be loaded
  • Fixed Overdrive movement button displaying in some circumstances where the movement mode was not actually available
  • Fixed movement modes being maintained between saves incorrectly
  • Fixed patrols and convoys from having a chance to spawn directly under the player, interrupting their engagement with other overworld POIs
  • Fixed an issue with bullet visuals being too thin and choppy, making them hard to see in combat
  • 🦾 Fixed some caches choosing invalid maps, creating cache scenarios that didn’t have caches
  • 🦾 Fixed Resupply event preventing events from completing, resulting in a softlock
  • 🦾 Fixed difficulty settings not initializing properly, causing them to appear as resolution sliders when accessed in the tutorial
  • 🦾 Fixed a UI issue where tanks and turrets appeared to be many levels lower than they actually were
  • Fixed screenshake on pilot cameras causing pilots to eventually drift out of the frame
  • 🦾 Fixed weapon information UI disappearing in combat if any non-weapon part had been viewed in inventory before entering combat
  • 🦾 Fixed legs generating with weapon perks on occasion
  • 🦾 Fixed weapons generating with perks that had no effect on the weapon
  • Added more safety checks to the main menu to prevent some rare scenarios that prevented loading saves or starting a new game
  • 🦾 Fixed melee weapon workshop projects all being listed under Primary Weapon. There are now two different projects for Primary and Secondary melee weapons.
  • 🦾 Fixed an edgecase where saves could be loaded right before a battle outcome was decided, which would carry the result UI into the loaded scene
  • 🦾 Fixed typing in a text field continuing to move the camera or trigger hotkeys
  • 🦾 Fixed a handful of spawn locations being set to inside hills (visual issue only)
  • 🦾 Fixed hotkeys for the base being accessible in the first province
  • 🦾 Fixed incorrect optimal interval calculation being made incorrectly in unit editing screen

Known Issues

  • Part UI multiplies ambient heat dissipation of the mech by action duration. This is correct when calculating heat at the end of the action, but incorrect for calculating how long it’d take to drop back to 0 heat after the action
  • Melee targeting is difficult and sometimes inaccurate
  • All audio except for cutscene audio will sometimes not play
  • Mechs will not move the full distance during execution on some lower-end PCs
  • Destroyed buildings and terrain are not being correctly reloaded when loading the precombat save
  • Tooltips can flow off the sides of the screen in some circumstances
  • Occasionally UI can be carried from one context to another by accident
  • Occasionally destroyed mechs are flung around the map after viewing replay mode
  • On launch, it seems audio is occasionally not playing on the main menu and in gameplay except for cutscenes. If you do encounter this please relaunch your game
  • If hit a specific angle with a melee, sometimes tanks can be pushed underground, preventing completion of the combat scenario
  • There is a change of the province liberation event being interrupted by other post combat events, meaning the opportunity to participate in the parade is not given to the player when the province is won
  • Some events do not end correctly – this could be caused by playing with an older save file
  • Subsystems are frequently not altering equipment stats by the amount listed in their tooltips
  • Sometimes patrols can get stuck behind the mobile base without engaging in combat. This can be resolved by entering liberated territory briefly
  • Take It Back achievement is unlocking early for some players
  • Many maps that contain turrets do not also have generator buildings – turrets must be manually destroyed on these maps
  • Some spawn locations for starting combat are in locations that make it hard to win the battle (corners, right in front of the enemy etc)
  • Performance issues are common
  • Tsubasa workshop project has the same text as Arrow workshop project