Alpha 0.3, 0.0.11-b408

Released: 16th October 2020

Changes in Alpha 0.3, 0.0.11-b408

  • Balance adjustments
  • Lots of bug fixes!
  • Updated dash VFX
  • Added difficulty indicators to caches

Fixed issues:

  • Fixed a data leak issue
  • Fixed ejected pilots being lost on the overworld after loading
  • Fixed recruited pilots are not saving or loading
  • Fixed some issues with loot spawning
  • Various audio fixes
  • Convoys can no longer get stuck in the mountains in the overworld
  • Fixed an issue where combat will not end even though all enemy units are taken out
  • Various fixes to UI
  • Fixed the Mountain Base completing its production loop at day 2
  • Various fixes to the Mountain Base scenario
  • Fixed missing textures on forest map
  • Various fixes to enemy pathing issues in combat