Alpha 0.3, 0.0.14-b518

Released: 29th October 2020

Changes in Alpha 0.3, 0.0.14-b518

  • Added autosave functionality! The game now autosaves before and after combat and at 10 minute intervals.
  • Lots of bug fixes!
  • New flyover cutscene music
  • New combat music
  • Added an event to explain heat damage 
  • Balance adjustments to fatigue
  • Patch notes now link to
  • Various new VFX including overheating and crashing


Fixed issues:

  • Mobile base no longer gets deselected when selecting other POI on the map
  • Camera no longer continues to spin if rotated with Q/E during victory or defeat screens
  • Fixed camera occasionally jittering when panning at a low height
  • Camera no longer snaps when completing tutorial in a new campaign
  • Camera position and zoom level is now saved and loaded
  • Camera position is now remembered when you enter and exit the base
  • Fixed sun rotating to the other side of the world map if you skip the cutscene on a new game 
  • Camera issues when double-clicking to focus the camera on a deploying unit no longer occur
  • Fixed enemies targeting a unit with no pilot
  • Unequipped melee now produces heat
  • Fixed post-game events not loading 
  • Various animation fixes
  • Fixed screen flash when ejecting pilots