Alpha Patch 0.3, 0.0.17-b722

Released: 12th November 2020

Changes in Alpha 0.3, 0.0.17-b722

  • Lots of bug fixes and updates! Starting from a new game is recommended!
  • Pause is now on ESC instead of F9
  • New tutorial combat scenario and various improvements
  • Various VFX improvements to overworld map
  • New pilot portraits and pilot UI
  • New models for roaming enemies on the overworld
  • New splash screens added
  • New concussion UI in combat
  • Various improvements to campaign tutorial events
  • New province names
  • New descriptions in various areas of the game

Fixed issues

  • Fixed a VFX issue where the overworld appears too dark
  • White screen no longer flashes before the opening cutscene
  • If a siege timer is allowed to run out, the player can no longer interact with that POI
  • Fixed AI movement when shooting weapons with high movement penalties
  • Crashed units can no longer be pushed out of playable bounds in combat
  • Fixed an issue where storage and abandoned caches would spawn on top of one another
  • Various tutorial fixes including custom music now correctly playing
  • Removed all greybox levels, fixing holes in combat terrain
  • Music is no longer missing when loading a save in the overworld
  • Fallback gameplay speed is no longer maintained if the timer runs out while the pause menu is open
  • Unit construction level in the workshop does now increases as player gains or loses provinces
  • Grass is no longer visible in the sky of the Mountain Base map
  • Defeated enemy units no longer continue to create dust
  • Exception no longer occurs when starting tutorial
  • Various fixes to text and UI issues throughout the game