Patch 0.10.0-b2393

Released: 17th August 2021

Update 9: License to Kill


WORK IT OUT: Construct items in the new workshop
SHAKEN NOT STIRRED: New narrative events available!
SHOW YOU THE WORLD: Improved overworld actions and UI
MODS, MODS, MODS: In-game Mod support is here!

Phantom Brigade is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. We update Phantom Brigade on the third Tuesday of every month. You can expect the next major update on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 11:00AM PT. See the full patch notes below!

Changes in 0.10.0-b2393

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

New Workshop and Economy

  • Due to changes in the game’s economy, we recommend you start a new campaign when providing feedback. Note that we’ll be continuing to iterate on this in the coming updates. For now, supplies are carried over from saves made in 0.9.1 or earlier versions. Thank you for your patience!
  • The base is now equipped to construct any item you have a blueprint for
    • These are in the projects list by part category. After you select a category you can select a variant (for example, an arm, upper body, or lower body of an Elbrus Medium set)
    • Building a project consumes time, supplies, as well as a charge of that project. Once all charges of a project are used, that project can’t be constructed anymore.
    • Charges of projects (known as licenses) can be found on Bases, Outposts, Facilities, Convoys, and Caches

New Events

  • Assassination: Quietly and efficiently eliminate the enemy General/VIP unit before the KILL team is tipped off
    • Only two of your top mechs can enter this high-stakes mission
  • Draft: You catch wind of guerilla forces planning to interrupt an enemy draft. Choose your angle of attack wisely, will you team up with the guerillas or try to retreat with the civilians as quickly as possible?
    • Team up: take command a force of guerilla tanks alongside two of your units to eliminate the enemy
    • Sneak in: try to rescue the civilians and retreat my holding the objective for five turns with two of your mechs
    • If at first you don’t succeed… try again! Give the mission another shot with a four-mech PB team fighting alongside guerilla tanks. The enemy draft must be stopped!

Improved Overworld Actions

  • Updated the overworld actions list UI
    • Selecting actions now opens a panel with a description of what is being done
    • Here you can cancel actions as well as immediately locate where the action is occurring on the overworld.
    • Added support for non-progressing actions, such as those in the Assassination and Draft events
  • New Mobile Base controls in the overworld:
    • Stop: stops the base in place and pauses time
    • Retreat: appears once the mountain base is liberated and you have less than two active units

In-game Modding Support

  • Experimental modding support is now available! This adds a button on the main menu where you can manage your configs. See #phantom-modding on our Discord or our Wiki for details!

🦾 Balance Tweaks 

  • Decreased the amount of damage dealt to vehicles when colliding with the environment
  • Increased unit collision damage
  • Reduced the amount of supplies gained from Bases
  • Reduced the amount of loot gained from Convoys
  • Added small common part drop chance on Caches
  • Decreased the weight of standard long range tanks to the light weight category
  • Reduced the difficulty of the Stealth scenario in the Draft event
  • Reduced difficulty of the starting province camp
  • Reduced the amount of supplies awarded from mountain base
  • Starting Elbrus and Assault Rifle projects now have infinite charges
  • Increased damage dealt by BM1 Sunswarm
  • Supplies added from dismantling items have been increased


  • Added intel UI to all event POI
  • Project and Supplies rewards now appear on the salvage screen
  • Updated briefing Holotable VFX
  • Removed alarm option from “Locked up Tight” event

Fixed issues in 0.10.0-b2393

  • Fixed an error occurring when workshop arms activated, filling up the logs
  • Markets and Black Markets now spawn with the correct level of intel
  • Crashed satellite event now spawns an entity on the overworld map
  • “Fix mistake” choice on “Lights Out” event now adds fatigue to all pilots
  • Fixed Stargazing event not relieving fatigue in its 2 hour variant
  • Supplies are now correctly deducted on the “capture him” choice in the “Enemy in the Rubble” event
  • Selecting celebrate option in the Birthday event now subtracts supplies
  • Various fixes to UI formatting (uneven indentation, spaces etc.)
  • Fixed an animation loop with non-matching head and tail poses
  • Fixes to transitions between mech poses
  • Fixed successful Draft event not awarding players the correct amount of supplies
  • Fixed narrative event window not appearing after a successful Draft Retry
  • Fixed duration on workshop actions being listed in seconds
  • Fixed an issue where the Draft event could occur on liberated camps
  • Fixed an issue where the Dog event occurs when winning settlements
  • Fixed an exception after winning the Stakeout in the Defector event
  • It is no longer possible to load during turn execution in combat
  • Fixed alignment on tooltips on some tutorial UI
  • Fixed over world updates appearing when loading a save with an action in progress
  • Fixed Heavy Weapon projects producing no items or the wrong items 
  • Fixed Radio Station showing old entity UI
  • Fixed Intact parts and subsystems requiring the same amount of points to recover and to dismantle them
  • Fixed possible to soft-lock if you’re in the danger state and you engage in combat during the Ransacked or Kidnapped events
  • “Received loot” updates no longer appears on victory
  • Fixed loading during the War Memorial event forcing the player to disengage
  • Fixed various typos and text in salvage UI
  • Fixed recovered items having recover preselected in the next salvage screen if broken in combat
  • Fixed Radio Station being non-interactable after successful Recon in Defector event
  • Fixed salvage appearing on defeat after Decode in Defector event
  • Base no longer triggers two events while Kidnapped event is active
  • Fixed Kidnapped event resolving immediately
  • Assassination action is now dismissed when the event is abandoned
  • Large Black Markets are now displayed as hostile entities
  • The hard and medium versions of the Locked event now requires more supplies for using the tools option
  • Fixed only one unit at a time taking damage in a collision
  • Fixed rarity on Arrow Heavy body part project (now common)
  • Fixed Arrow workshop projects using Knox names
  • Fixed workshop arms disappearing when re-entering the base
  • Various fixes to in-game modding system
  • Quitting to main menu during turn execution no longer blocks the load button
  • Fixed Radio Station POI from Defector event not loading combat
  • Fixes to how speed and mass effects crashing units
  • Fixed Black Markets showing combat information on full intel in the overworld
  • Fixed a possible exception occurring when quitting to main menu
  • Fixed crew occasionally walking through the workshop
  • Fixed save file summary not showing supplies
  • Lots of bug fixes!