Patch 0.10.2-b2461

Released: 2nd September 2021

Changes in 0.10.2-b2461

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback


  • New main menu track!
  • New workshop track!
  • More SFX added to fabricator arms

New Events

  • Pharma: “a newly liberated settlement asks Phantom to deliver pharmaceuticals to a nearby settlement that they haven’t been able to contact.”
  • Festival: “When near a liberated settlement, you notice a Festival starting up. Now freed from the occupying forces, the townspeople have been able to put on their annual Festival of Fire.”
  • Director’s Cut: “The Brigade is accosted by a Homeland media group, which has been endeavoring to record the battles and war effort around them to create a documentary of the war. Having heard of the Brigade’s reputation, the director is entranced by the possibility of recording history and is intent on accompanying the Brigade to their next fight.”

Weapon and Subsystem Improvements

  • New weapon icon: Added group icons for Beams, Light/Medium/Heavy Melee, Sabers/Axes/Blades, and updated the ultra-heavy icon
  • Improved naming on armor to clarify the part’s weight class
  • 🦾 Improved weapon filtering: you can now filter by more weapon types and added sorting by trait
  • Simplified the subsystem filters and shortened names to avoid overlap
  • Added a description to Halvard-T1 Head armor
  • “Advanced H-class armor produced by JNI. Modern all-rounder design owing it’s unusual shape to additional sensor hardware mounted inside its “horns”. Rarely used in the field due to servicing complexity and narrow specialization.”
  • New stat bars on various weapons
    • Damage buildup: how long it takes for damage to ramp up to full potential
    • Stagger damage: Determines the stagger damage inflicted by the weapon.
    • Concussive damage: Base concussion damage inflicted by a weapon projectile. This can knock out pilots in combat.
    • Scatter radius: determines the accuracy of missiles. High scatter increases the chance of the missile landing next to the target instead of hitting it directly.
  • Thermal weapons now have unique models!
    • SGE-05-Dragon Incendiary splitter


  • RTE01-Tracer Incendiary repeater


  • Assigned rarities to subsystems
  • Reduced number of fragments on non-heavy shotgun projectiles
  • Improved overworld actions to events spawning POI and added new ones
  • Added debug tooltip to parts (was previously only on subsystems)

Fixed in 0.10.2-b2461

  • Fixed Ostbager-Wiel liberation objective not appearing
  • Fixed heat dissipation and optimal intervals displaying incorrectly on the salvage screen
  • Fixed holes in Military Base and Forest maps
  • Many fixes to various events such as the War Memorial, Market, and Defector events
  • Sped up the transition animation for dual wielding guns, or a gun and a shield
  • Fixed comms not aligning with the VO during the tutorial
  • Fixed a shield pose while firing causing the unit to brace upwards
  • Fixed an issue with dash or melee dash animations playing consecutively
  • Fixed interactions and event between the tutorial workshop and farm entities.
  • Director event can no longer trigger in the tutorial provinces.
  • Fixed flickering in the window of a house in the outro cutscene
  • Fixed some unit groups not generating the correct quality equipment
  • Fixed loot from events not appearing in the update log on the overworld
  • Ultra-heavy Beam (Solarburst) now filters as a Heavy weapon instead of a Beam weapon
  • Fixed shading on Shield assets
  • Fixed an animation issue where shields appear to fly out of the unit’s hand
  • Training Army Juggernaut units now have sidearms
  • Fixed issues with inventory not displaying armor subsystems correctly
  • Abbreviated “Auxiliary” to “Aux” on various subsystems to prevent text overlap
  • Various fixes to subsystem stat comparison