Patch 0.10.3-b2497

Released: 9th September 2021

Changes in 0.10.3-b2497

New Highway Map

  • This challenging map has a highway going through a large valley with high cliffs
  • Can be found on Convoys

Project and Resource Rarities

  • You can now build parts in different rarities using uncommon and rare resources
  • Get uncommon and rare resources by dismantling uncommon and rare parts in the base or after combat in the salvage screen
    • Parts now list in their stats how many resources are dropped when dismantled
    • These can be used to build uncommon and rare parts in the workshop

New Audio Options

  • Compressed Mode: Lowers the volume of loud sounds, and increases the volume of quiet sounds. Great for playing at night or streaming!
  • Mono Mode: centers the sound output, useful for playing sound out of one headphone speaker for example 


  • Rebalanced supplies generated from dismantling parts to account for this change
  • Upgraded cost and rewards on various events
  • Reduced the amount of loot rewarded from caches

Visual Improvements

  • Damage shaders improvements
  • Adjusted textures on various armor sets
  • Improved hit reaction animations


  • Updated Credits
  • Updated descriptions on different part rarities

Fixed in 0.10.3-b2497

  • Fixed an issue causing parts to disappear when other parts are previewed in Unit Editing
  • Fixed various event issues with Locked sites
  • Loading is not available when quitting to main menu during turn execution or fallback
  • Starburst and Cluster MLs launch too many missiles
  • Fixed Spike Axes model not appearing in the base or in combat
  • Fixed medium and heavy melee weapons having swapped models
  • Fixed beam weapons not firing
  • Improved the selection area of checkboxes in the inventory
  • Cleaned up placeholder text on beam weapons
  • Various fixes to holstering animations
  • Fixed animation when executing multiple dashes consecutively
  • Parts that don’t have matching stats are now hidden when compared in Unit Editing