Patch 0.10.4-b2529

Released: 16th September 2021

Changes in 0.10.4-b2529

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

Workshop Improvements

  • Elbrus and AR common projects have unlimited charges
  • 🦾 Subsystems now have rarity variants
  • Updated subsystem project descriptions so they reflect all project rarities
  • Increased opacity on text in project UI to make descriptions more legible
  • Projects no longer disappear from the workshop list when charges reach 0
  • Workshop tutorial event now triggers when the player collects 200 supplies

Fixed in 0.10.4-b2529

  • Fixed  an issue where events revealing caches were triggered when there were no valid locations
  • Objective of “Up Ahead” event does not dismiss, use force option takes only 4 hours
  • Fixed the missing “quit” button on the pause menu
  • Fixed an issue where some subsystem projects did not add parts to the inventory
  • Sensor subsystem corrected to Stabilizer
  • Location highlight on the base doesn’t update when the base moves away
  • In part comparison, some items show rare or uncommon supply value 0
  • Fixed an issue where scrap received from dismantling parts wasn’t accurate
  • Fixed common Upper Body projects having thrusters by default
  • Fixed an issue where pilots could not be recruited from liberated sites in hostile provinces
  • Added UI to indicate mech frame builds do not consume project charges
  • Replaced placeholder text on mech frame builds
  • Fixed a visual issue where Elbrus Lower Bodies were missing an “ankle” piece
  • Fixed issues with UI hiding stats in part comparison incorrectly
  • Fixed subsystems UI not displaying rarity colours in the list
  • Fixed workshop audio carrying into other parts of the game
  • Fixed Plasma Axe name (was appearing as “Firestarter”, now corrected to “Plasma”)
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Spark handgun rounds appearing to start in the torso of the mech