Patch 0.11.2-b2642

Released: 7th October 2021

Changes in 0.11.2-b2642

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

New Maps and Props!

  • New combat maps have been added to the following sites: Farms, Mines, Energy Storage Plants, Bases, Convoys, Caches, and Outposts

New Landing VFX

  • Reinforcements now have rocket packs to help them land
  • Improved animations and VFX for landing units
    • VFX is still missing from landing mechs, but we’re adding it soon

Animation Improvements

  • Improved locomotion on fast mechs: sprints look faster and movement blends better with different actions
  • Hit reaction adjustments: improved the way mechs react to hits from different ballistic weapons and fixed various animation bugs
  • Holstering and unholstering weapons: transitions between holstering and unholstering all equipment types have been improved.


  • Updated the game credits
  • Lots of bug fixes!

Fixed in 0.11.2-b2642

  • Fixed an issue where audio on weapons will continue when firing is interrupted (such as on beams)
  • Fixed Thrusters staying on when Dash is interrupted or when retreating after dashing
  • Fixed occasional loud explosion when destroying props on various map
  • Fixed audio doubling-up when starting a new game
  • Fixed an issue where selecting another unit while cancelling an action will reset the appearance of the action in the timeline 
  • Fixed cutscene audio carrying to game if cutscene skipped too quickly