Patch 0.13.3-2956
Released 03 Dec 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.13.2-b2928
Released 30 Nov 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.13.1-b2894
Released 25 Nov 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.13.0-b2773
Released 16 Nov 21 - RELEASE
Patch 0.12.3-b2770
Released 10 Nov 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.12.2-b2755
Released 04 Nov 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.12.1-b2728
Released 28 Oct 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.12.0-b2696
Released 19 Oct 21 - RELEASE
Patch 0.11.3-b2684
Released 14 Oct 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.11.2-b2642
Released 07 Oct 21 - EXPERIMENTAL

Patch 0.11.3-b2684

Released: 14th October 2021

Changes in 0.11.3-b2684


🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Map Improvements

  • Added small visual details to all new maps


  • Updated game .exe icon
  • Lots of bug fixes!

Fixed in 0.11.3-b2684

  • Fixed an exception on ML turrets
  • Fixed tooltips on armor in unit summary in the base being cut off by the right side of the screen
  • Minor fix to aiming animations
  • Fixed all z-fighting on various armor sets
  • Fixed an issue on shaders assigning the wrong grass texture to background objects (specifically in the Powerplant)
  • Fixed holograms taking on the texture of piles in Mine maps
  • Fixed tanks blending into the piles in Mine maps
  • Fixed an occasional exception which occurs at the end of an attack with a Plasma Repeater
  • Various fixes to the new Farm, Powerplant, and Convoy maps
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t initiate combat with the Broken-down Convoy
  • Fixed missing art on “Back Home” event (occurs when loading a game from v0.2.0 or older)
  • Items can no longer be equipped to mechs without arms