Patch 0.12.1-b2728

Released: 28th October 2021

Changes in 0.12.1-b2728

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

New Railguns!

  • Railgun projectiles penetrate through structure and units allowing them to be more versatile when dealing with large groups of units or in areas with high cover density.
  • SMGRE-01 Barrage: This short-range SMG shoots many high-speed rounds in very quick succession. The weapon is not very accurate, especially when moving. 
  • MRE-02 Lancer: This long-range sniper railgun shoots a single high-speed round. These rounds are very accurate and incredibly fast and can be shot at short intervals.
  • MRE-03 Striker: This medium-range railgun Assault Rifle that shoots several high-speed rounds. These rounds are very accurate and incredibly fast. Sniper
  • As with other energy weapons, these Railguns can be found in Experimental, Spec Ops, and Army-controlled provinces

🦾 Missile Launcher Rebalance

  • Improved targeting stuff
  • All Missile Launchers have been rebalanced to be more reliable by improving guidance and reducing scatter
  • Please continue to give us feedback on how these changes feel!


  • Please note there are currently some issues blocking rain from appearing in combat. We’re currently working on a fix for this, thank you for your patience!
  • Rainclouds now appear in the overworld, you can see their affected area when zoomed in on the overworld map

  • Weather conditions UI: mission briefing will now report the weather on the battlefield

  • Weather in combat: battlefields will be misty and rainy at different intensities. At higher intensities puddles will also appear on the map


  • Brand new music! This “neutral” track plays in combat when you’re evenly matched with the enemy
  • Added SFX to drones landing and launching in Smash & Grab scenarios
  • 🦾 Camera now loads on player units at the start of combat

Fixed in 0.12.1-b2728

  • Fixed an issue where tutorial music plays in the Assassination scenario
  • Fixed incorrect description of Slug and Starburst from “no guidance” to “typically guided”
  • Fixed top left unit selection UI in combat getting stuck on the wrong unit
  • Fixed an issue allowing actions to be placed in the next turn if overlapped
  • Fixed unit snapping its shield during tutorial end cinematic
  • Fixed multiple issues when loading a game in the mobile base
  • Fixed an issue with tank drop-in animations