Patch 0.12.2-b2755

Released: 4th November 2021

Changes in 0.12.2-b2755

šŸ¦¾ indicates changes due to community feedback

New Events!

  • Ranks: The guerrilla ranks have been blowing up, and they are asking for help with training some of their new recruits. — This event triggers after the “Draft” event has been completed
  • Weapon Lost: The Brigade catches wind that a weapon is wreaking havoc in another provinceā€¦ could it be the one that got away? — This event occurs after losing the “Assassination” event
  • Purranormal: Pilots are told about a haunted barn in the province…
  • Capsule: The Brigade happen upon a buried time capsule, left at the base of a tree by a previous generation – one that lived before the occupation.
  • Expendable: The Brigade mourns the loss of many pilots.
  • Difficulty: A notification that the province you’ve entered is a much higher level than your Brigade may be ready for.
  • …And six brand new pre-combat events!

When it Rains it Pours (Rain Improvements)

  • The sun now reflects off clouds in the overworld
  • Slowed down cloud speed to make it easier to enter combat in the rain
  • Improved the intensity of rain at different levels to be more distinguishable
  • Added rain on metal sound when zoomed into units during combat in the rain

Fixed in 0.12.2-b2755

  • Fixed raindrops not appearing on rain effects anywhere, thank you for your patience!
  • Fixed embers not appearing on combat maps with heavy damage
  • Fixed cloud shadows not moving in the same direction as clouds
  • Adjusted the name of one of the “Up Ahead” event screens
  • Fixed Black Markets initiating combat
  • Fixed retreating from Broken Down Convoy blocking combat at this site again
  • Turrets can no longer get concussed
  • Fixed an issue where combat atmosphere from heavy damage was carried into the overworld and base
  • Fixed an issue where mech’s left hands were blending into ultra heavy weapons
  • Fixed projectiles on SGE05-Dragon (Incendiary Splitter) taking too long to detonate after missing their target
  • Various audio fixes to melee
  • Various audio fixes to rain