Patch 0.13.1-b2894

Released: 25th November 2021

Changes in 0.13.1-b2894

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

Overworld Overhaul

  • Brand new overworld gameplay. Enemy patrols and convoys roaming the map can now detect the mobile base and react. Hostile sites will recognize the base at a close enough range and send patrols to stop you.
    • World Reset: Due to the changes to the overworld, saves from 0.13.0 will be upgraded to the new overworld.
      • Inventory, supplies, pilots, and units will be maintained
      • The mobile base will be moved back to the tutorial province
      • Any fully-captured provinces will remain captured. Partially captured provinces will be reverted to the enemy and every entity will be hostile again, hope reset to 0. 
      • Any ongoing overworld actions will be cancelled
      • Note: there’s currently a bug where ongoing workshop and repair actions from 0.13.0 are cancelled when loaded. Units will be fully repaired and supplies returned. We’re currently working on fixing this, thank you for your patience!
      • It’s possible that other issues may occur if loading a save from a version older than 0.13.0.

Convoys & Patrols

  • Convoys carrying supplies and loot from one enemy site to another will run away when in range of the base
  • Patrols that detect the base in range will chase you down!
  • Capturing a province will clear out the roaming enemies
  • Convoys and patrols can appear at different difficulties: Training, Normal, and Elite
  • Movement modes: The mobile base now has new movement modes to help chase down or escape from sticky situations.

    • Stealth: the base uses battery power to lower its detection range and hide from enemies. However, this also reduces the base’s vision range.
    • Overdrive: the base uses battery power to get a boost of power, increasing its speed. This increases the base’s and the enemy’s detection range
    • Standard: The base travels at its normal speed and can recover battery power
    • Stop: Stops the base in place. The base will recover battery power
  • Combat victories will also recharge the base’s battery
  • New VFX and animations have been added to the mobile base to reflect the base’s movement including sirens, workers on the base, and light camera shake

Rain gameplay:

  • Rain VFX on the overworld has been improved and cloud speed has been rebalanced
  • Some provinces are now consistently rainier than others
  • Weather intensity is more distinct on the overworld and has effects on player and enemy vision ranges

    • Clear: both enemies and the base have full vision range
    • Cloudy: both enemies and the base lose some range
    • Rainy: both enemies and the base lose most vision

Traveling the Overworld: Entity sizes and movement speed has been adjusted to make the overworld feel larger

  • The base’s path is now drawn more directly to the destination

Establishing Shots

  • Every type of map now has a unique cutscene showing the battlefield! (This can be skipped using ESC, Enter, or Space)


  • New sounds!
    • New music on the salvage screen!
    • New overheat SFX in combat
    • Added SFX to units walking through rain and puddles
  • Autosaves before combat are now made when you engage a site and updated when you hit “Deploy”, so all changes on units are saved.


Fixed in 0.13.1-b2894

  • Fixed unit collision and crashing issues causing making it possible to crash a heavier unit with a lighter one
  • Fixed issues with cloud position on the overworld not saving and loading correctly
  • Fixed holograms of sites at different levels of intel not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue where impact dust VFX is exaggerated when mechs are jumping
  • Fixed dust clouds remaining on the map after units have retreated
  • Fixed shaders on clouds causing holes
  • Fixed clouds and fog flashing at specific angles in combat and on the overworld
  • Fixed enemy reinforcement landing SFX being out of sync with the animation
  • Camera is now centered on the mobile base when the opening cinematic ends
  • Fixed misty effects appearing in several cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where convoys can get stuck in place while running away from the mobile base
  • Fixed combat atmosphere snapping to high intensity as soon as buildings are damaged
  • Fixed a miniscule amount of in-game time passing when moving from the base to the overworld while paused
  • Fixed time scrubbing SFX on the timeline in combat
  • Fixed damage stats of Solarburst and Sunswarm beam weapons (display in Unit Editing now matches actual damage output)