Patch 0.13.2-b2928

Released: 30th November 2021

Due to a fix that was made to the world reset process, saves from the last experimental release (0.13.1) may continue to show old bugs when loaded in the latest version (which are now been fixed). This includes a fix to entities on the overworld being un-interactable. We strongly recommend starting a new save in the latest version and apologize for any inconvenience!

Changes in 0.13.2-b2928

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

Engine Upgrade

  • The team has been hard at work updating the version of Unity Phantom Brigade runs on. This version of the game is the first live build on an upgraded engine, please give it a try and let us know if you encounter any issues in your game! We’re specifically keeping an eye out for performance drops.

Overworld Improvements

  • 🦾 Added UI to the movement mode panel at the bottom of the screen to make the current mode more obvious
  • Improved performance on the overworld when there are many sites/roaming enemies revealed
  • Updated overworld UI on convoys (they now use hexagons) to differentiate them from patrols and sites
  • 🦾 Updated the marker on the base to make it more recognizable on the overworld
    • Normal mode:
      Mobile base in normal mode
    • Stealth mode
      Mobile base in stealth mode
    • Overdrive mode
      Mobile base in overdrive mode

Weather Improvements

  • Fog on the overworld now picks up the sun and colour of the ambient light
  • Day and night lighting is now more distinct on the overworld as well as in combat
  • Added smaller clouds to create smaller pockets of rain around the map
  • Wind blows fog in from the coastlines
  • Snow is now picked up by wind on mountain tops
    Wind blowing the snow across a mountain top on the overworld

Mobile Base

  • Added SFX when entering the base in Overdrive
  • The base now changes speed in all base views depending on the movement mode


  • Fallback now immediately sends the mobile base back to Mountain Base, no matter where it is on the overworld

Fixed in 0.13.2-b2928

  • Fixed an issue where mobile base would not engage in combat with entities on the map when loading a save from a version older than 0.13.0. Thank you for your patience!
  • Fixed an issue where loading a save older than 0.13.0 would reveal all entities on the overworld
  • Fixed rain briefly disappearing when moving from unit editing to inventory
  • Fixed an issue where clouds wouldn’t move when loading a save older than 0.13.0
  • Fixed a gap in the cloud cover at the very edge of the overworld map
  • It no longer rains in the tutorial province (Hedmark)
  • Fixed decoding the Defector event taking 1 hour (when it should take 3)
  • Interacting with the Radio Station in the Defector event now takes the player to the correct option screen as opposed to launching into combat immediately
  • Fixed “Recon” and “Charge” approaches on the Defector event not giving the correct rewards
  • Fixed convoy holograms disappearing when they exit the mobile base’s range
  • Base is no longer invisible when loading a save older than the current version
  • Fixed missing “Disengage” button on War Memorial precombat event (possibly leading to a softlock if defeated)
  • Fixed missing “Disengage button on Defector precombat event (possibly leading to a softlock if defeated)
  • Fixed base’s energy being consumed if in overdrive when it enters a timed event, locking it in place
  • Pharma event actions can now be cancelled
  • Fixed settlement assets on the overworld not being properly grounded
  • “Days” display in combat intro and overworld UI now begins counting from 0 instead of 1