Patch 0.13.4-b2991

Released: 9th December 2021

Changes in 0.13.4-b2991

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

Engine Upgrade

  • REMINDER: due to a fix that was made to the world reset process in 0.13.2, saves that were at any point loaded in 0.13.1 will continue to show old bugs when loaded in the latest version. This includes a fix to entities on the overworld being un-interactable. Please either load a save from prior to 0.13.1, or start a new game.

Music and SFX

  • New overdrive music layer on the overworld!
  • Adjusted workshop music in friendly provinces
  • Added SFX to selecting the base in the overworld


  • Improved animations to NPCs in the base
  • Adjusted fade distance on clouds in the overworld
  • Added a loading screen when quitting to main menu

Fixed in 0.13.4-b2991

  • Fixed thick fog on the overworld obstructing view
  • Fixed workshop and base visuals carrying into the virtual background
  • Fixed Fallback speed being maintained after fallback timer concludes
  • Driving SFX no longer plays while the base is stopped in place
  • Fixed rain SFX playing too loudly in briefing and when entering combat
  • Fixed overworld entities being visible in the sky when exiting the base
  • Fixed an error from engaging with a site after quitting to main menu
  • Fixed entity selection SFX doubling up
  • Fixed wind effect getting cut off in flat areas
  • Fixed sun reflections on water in the overworld being too bright
  • Fixed overworld overlay UI flickering on and off from certain combinations of height and angle
  • Fixed overworld views initializing with wrong vision range