Patch 0.14.1-b3103

Released: 13th January 2022

Changes in 0.14.1-b3103

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

Updated Options Menu

  • Updated the Main Menu’s appearance and updated the Options Menu UI
  • Added lots of new settings such as
    • Framerate limit
    • Anti-aliasing
    • Shadow quality
    • Motion blur
    • Bloom
    • Ambient occlusion quality
    • Contrast
    • Brightness
  • Added a warning when quitting the game
  • Added a toggle to keep detailed part view on

New Arrow Armor Set

  • New Light, Medium, and Heavy models for the Arrow Armor set

New Events

  • Enemy Radio: The Brigade knock out a radio tower that is broadcasting enemy propaganda.
  • Seized Farm: A farmer has had his farm seized by the enemy
  • Guerrilla Pilot: With a high reputation with the guerrilla forces, one of their pilots seeks to join your team
  • Hidden Cache: The Brigade comes upon a destitute mineral town, whose main refinery has been shut down and seized by the invaders. They hear that most of the town’s stock had been taken out to a hidden cache somewhere in the province…

New Map

  • A new farm map has been added!



  • Improvements to torso movement when targeting in all directions, with stationary and moving mechs
  • Removed the <KIA> text from units killed in battle to avoid overlap
  • Mech and pilot naming now has a character limit

Fixed in 0.14.1-b3103

  • Fixed event and action timing being mismatched on the Cat and Dog events
  • Fixed the missing overworld action when playing with the dog in the Dog event
  • Fixed a hole in the grips of some weapon models
  • Fixed line breaks in mobile base panel on the overworld when switching UI scaling
  • Pause menu can no longer be opened when changing views (when going from precombat to briefing for example)
  • Various animation fixes to the joints on heavy armor sets
  • Unit names in the salvage list are no longer case sensitive
  • Loading an autosave before combat no longer adds available units to scenarios with limited team size
  • Fixed weapon summary not showing on turrets
  • Fixed parts rotating at an offset in inventory and salvage previews
  • Fixed shield mechs vibrating when using the shield action
  • Various fixes to UI scaling, including an issue where splash screens and overlays don’t reach the edges of the screen at larger scales
  • Fixed terrain shaders being removed in builds
  • Fixed the pod position on Knox armor
  • Base door is now shut when loading a save after all units are lost in combat
  • Fixed enemy targeting indicators remaining through the action phase
  • Corrected the text on the save warning when attempting to save during salvage