Patch 0.18.4-b3874

Released: 11th May 2022

Changes in 0.18.4-b3874

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

  • Changed convoy behavior in contested provinces – they should no longer disappear when traveling in a contested province, and instead move from site to site without leaving the province
  • Re-implemented the scanner effect on the overworld, but we’re looking into redoing it to better show off our beautiful new overworld textures!

Fixed in 0.18.4-b3874

  • 🦾 Readjusted lighting at night to make sure that combat is still visible!
  • Fixed an exception during the draft event
  • Removed some debug text on pilots
  • Fixed patrols and convoys that are designated as objectives not visually updating their movement
  • Fixed an exception that occurred when hovering over a patrol that the base had identified but not engaged with
  • Fixed F6 not opening the upgrades screen
  • Fixed liberated sites having question marks and red identification pings when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed an exception that occurred when convoys were spawned at invalid sites
  • Fixed convoys being able to continuously choose liberated sites as a destination (they now finish their current movement, then continue on to a hostile site)
  • Actually fixed tab softlocking the game during combat if pressed while choosing a target
  • Fixed movement mode hotkeys not working
  • Prevented modification of damaged mechs using the scroll buttons while editing units
  • Fixed many issues with different events not working as intended
  • Fixed appearance of the squad roster on overworld HUD when no units are present
  • Fixed some upgrades not providing a free resource when installed
  • Fixed being allowed to zoom in and out on the overworld while in an event screen
  • Fixed a softlock scenario where no resupply point was available until the first province was liberated
  • Fixed green tint when entering combat during war
  • Fixed multiple typos
  • Fixed patrols being marked as defeated when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed suggested level displaying on province name UI for liberated provinces
  • Prevented sites outside of a contested province from damaging enemy strength score during contest
  • Fixed being unable to switch from overdrive directly to stealth movement mode
  • Fixed player receiving way too many units when the reputation with home army was at max level
  • Fixed some overflowing UI elements
  • Fixed Objective, Battlesite and Temporary Base UI markers not clearing properly
  • 🦾 Fixed melee damage and missile splash damage not working correctly!
  • Fixed progress bar on decoy drones not decrementing
  • Fixed invalid levels on some loot