Patch 0.19.1-b3929

Released: 19th May 2022

Changes and New Features

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Some extra changes to the Radio Uplink upgrade:
    • Home Guard reputation will decrease if you lose Home Guard units in combat
    • Home Guard reputation will increase if all units make it through combat unscathed
    • When winning combat at a Battlesite, Home Guard reputation will increase by 1
  • Updated the UI for Clear All Liveries feature
  • Gave Action bar entries a new look and removed a defunct toggle button
  • Updated the roadmap

By accident, the following changes were included in the patch notes for the previous update, but are actually in this hotfix. Sorry about that!

  • 🦾 Melee actions now also scramble missiles!
  • 🦾 Missiles are now scrambled at the beginning of the dash/melee action, rather than at the end
  • 🦾 Made it clear in dash and melee action descriptions and tooltips that dashing or using a melee weapon will scramble guided missiles. Thanks to the community for speaking up about these things!


  • Fixed some performance issues on the mobile base menu
  • Fixed reinforced convoy scenario not ending when all enemies were killed
  • Fixed site levels not being recalculated when province contest concluded
  • Patrols no longer immediately identify the mobile base when it enters their province
  • Fixed a rounding issue causing some parts at 1HP to be displaying as 0HP/broken when they were still functional in combat
  • Fixed a handful of typos
  • 🦾 Fixed missing parts in briefing screen