Patch 0.19.2-b4006

Released: 9th June 2022

Changes and New Features

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • 🦾 Replay is Here!
    • We’ve added Single Turn replay into battles!
    • You can play back the entire previous turn from start to finish, or you can scrub through the turn and replay from any point during the turn you want.
    • Three different replay modes:
      • Single Replay – Watch the turn back once, and then it stops once it ends.
      • Looping Replay – The replay will jump back to the start and play again once it ends.
      • Mirror Replay – The turn will play in reverse once it ends, and forwards once it reaches the start again.
  • Simplified the Workshop
    • Removed workshop charges, so you only need supplies and any components to build them now.
    • You’ll still need to discover specific projects during your campaign though!
  • 🦾 No more Negative Equipment Perks
    • We have removed negative equipment perks from all equipment in the game. Positive equipment perks are still present.
    • Perk names were also changed in order to be less confusing in some cases.


  • 🦾 Fixed being able to place a dash into the next turn
  • 🦾 Fixed the workshop not working after unlocking upgrades that add blueprints
  • Fixed the Assault Rifle obtained from the Mountain Base being weaker than the starting AR
  • Fixed exhausted pilots not showing a warning
  • Fixed primary doublehanded weapons not switching correctly from a secondary melee weapon
  • Fixed convoys being able to move beyond the map boundaries when fleeing the brigade
  • Fixed some UI elements carrying into the title screen when exiting from the inventory screen
  • Fixed the horizontal scroll bar in the upgrades screen not being able to scroll all the way left
  • Fixed battles that liberate provinces not letting you salvage anything
  • Fixed being able to resume time from the pause screen
  • 🦾 Multiple landscape changes in maps to fix impassable spots and misplaced collision
  • Fixed primary weapons being temporarily sheathed during the landing animation
  • Fixed weapons switching before a dash when there is an attack command after the dash
  • Fixed holograms being positioned incorrectly during waits between movement commands
  • 🦾 Fixed the meteorite location sometimes appearing underground during the Meteor Crash Site scenario
  • 🦾 Fixed vision/detection range not working when decoy drones are active
  • Fixed melee weapons detaching from the mech model when a unit crashes while running
  • Fixed unit holograms showing the running posture during dashes
  • Fixed reputation rewards not being displayed in the post battle screen
  • Fixed mechs crumpling to the ground if they collide with another unit while landing
  • Fixed the updates window appearing over the projects list when you load a file saved in the workshop
  • Fixed being able to move the base while choosing to rest & resupply or recruit pilots
  • Fixed the “Maximized Storage” upgrade being impossible to unlock because of the component cap
  • Fixed some animation issues with melee weapons
  • Fixed AI units not leveraging the heat dissipation in rain
  • Fixed multiple typos
  • General performance optimizations