Patch 0.19.3-b4053

Released: 16th June 2022

Changes and New Features

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Bug Reporter
    • We have changed the key command to open/close the bug reporter to Alt+B
    • Shift+Tab will no longer function for this
  • Replay
    • New sound effects during replay
    • Rain is now functional during replay


  • 🦾 Fixed Knox Medium parts not being added to the inventory after being built in the workshop
  • Fixed light building damage not showing up during replay
  • Fixed maps incorrectly allowing the destruction of critical surfaces
  • Fixed smoke VFX from pilot ejection not showing up during replay
  • Fixed Eye Flash VFX not showing up during replay
  • Fixed units T-Posing during the map flythrough at the start of battle
  • Fixed the first enemy mech in the opening cutscene having the wrong weapon
  • Fixed VFX being missing on landing units
  • Fixed not being able to use consumable overworld items unless you have the upgrade unlocked
  • Fixed province hope value still being displayed in the province info box
  • Fixed Replay time scale being set to odd values.
  • Fixed mechs in the ragdoll state not updating their pose correctly on exiting replay
  • Fixed Plasma Repeater shots not replaying their energy trail VFX
  • Fixed Ejected pilots staying in the squad before rescuing them
  • Fixed Overheating units glowing throughout the entire replay turn