Patch 0.2.2-b1068

Released: 15th January 2021

Changes in 0.2.2-b1068

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

Guerilla Warfare

  • We’re introducing different Scenario types! Up until now, every encounter has been an Elimination Scenario.
  • Our first new scenario: Smash and Grab
    • Certain combat encounters with particularly strong enemies (Convoys, Outposts and Caches) no longer require total elimination of the enemy
    • Move your units into the Loot Zones to secure supplies and maybe even a part or two and beat a hasty retreat using the Tactical Retreat Zone

Those who fight and run away can live to fight another day!

  • A fight to the death is no longer required – there are now Tactical Retreat Zones in most Combat Scenarios
  • After several turns a retreat zone will appear somewhere along the edge of the map. If things are going south, get into a zone by the end of your turn and that unit will no longer be active in battle 
    • You must move all your units to the zone to retreat from battle successfully
  • Depending on the Scenario, retreating will yield different results:
    • Elimination: a retreat is a defeat, but you escape with your lives and units intact(ish). Lick your wounds and try again to gain control of the site
    • Smash and Grab: As long as you’ve secured the supplies you came for, a retreat counts as a win for you! Wait for the retreat zone to turn blue and then escape to end the encounter
    • There’s a chance of gaining some supplies even if you don’t gain control of a site, regardless of the type of Scenario

Defector Detected

  • New “Defector” Narrative Event – can you rescue the defector before they’re captured by the enemy? There might be something in it for you…

Outnumbered, but not outplanned

  • New “outnumbered” music track variant in combat

New Civilian Map

  • Liberate yet another idyllic village

Community Requested Features

  • ? Repairs are queued automatically after combat
  • ? Repair time scales based on damage done to a unit

Experimental Saves – what you need to know

  • Experimental saves now live in their own folder beside Stable saves in `Documents/My Games/Phantom Brigade/`
  • You can load saves from Stable in Experimental, but you can’t load saves from Experimental in Stable. It’s also not possible to load a save from a more recent version in a older version
  • If you are a player on Experimental and you want to move your saves over to Stable after a monthly release, you can copy your files from the `Saves (Experimental)` folder to the regular `Saves` folder and they will then show up. We recommend only doing this when you know Stable has caught up to Experimental (otherwise, you might run into bugs)

Backwards Compatibility Continuity

  • Due to adding scenarios, we’ve had to make changes to the way the overworld handles changes:
    • Any provinces that you previously owned will still belong to you
    • Any provinces that you didn’t own will be reset to 0 hope, and all their sites will be returned to the enemy
  • This will enable you to enjoy new scenarios without having to start a new campaign. We plan on iterating on this system throughout Early Access. Please keep this in mind when saving your game and going from one version to the next.


  • Forts are now called Camps
  • Updated the game credits
  • A fancy new background for your Results screen
  • More bug fixes!
  • More adjustments to balance!

Fixed issues in 0.2.2-b1068

  • Bug fixes for our new features!
  • Various fixes to text issues and typos
  • Tentative fix to a softlock caused by only having a unit without sufficient equipment to enter combat, and not enough supplies to create a new unit and parts build
  • Fixed an issue where loading a save made on the second step of certain events would double-up the event
  • Fixed cramped areas in certain maps causing pathing issues
  • Fixed melee sword VFX playing on fallback kick melee, adjusted size for knife
  • Various fixes to the “Village Raid” event