Patch 0.21.2-b4849

Released: 20th October 2022

New Features

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • All new tutorial!
    • Modified the existing tutorial battle to better fit in with the story and new tutorial flow
    • The entire first province now functions as a tutorial, explaining the game’s various mechanics.
    • World Reset: Due to the changes to the overworld, saves from before this update will be upgraded to account for the new tutorial.
      • Inventory, supplies, base upgrades, pilots, and units will be maintained
      • The mobile base will be moved back to the tutorial province
      • Any fully-captured provinces will remain captured. Partially captured provinces will be reverted to the enemy and every entity will be hostile again.
      • Any ongoing overworld actions (except for workshop builds) will be canceled
  • First Time Boot Sequence
    • The first time you ever boot up the game, important options can be set immediately with no distractions, and then you get into the game as quickly as possible.
      • Loads if the game detects your save folder is empty upon booting the game up.
  • Alarm Towers
    • Buildings in scenarios that will call in enemy reinforcements if not destroyed within a certain number of turns
  • Pilot Upkeep
    • Each pilot you have in your crawler will use up one unit of supplies every day.
  • Events
    • Camaraderie Event – Bonding between your pilots is a great way to raise morale and help them unwind before the next battle.
    • New option in the Bomb Event
      • Disarm the bomb with 100% consistency for a cost of supplies.
  • Passive Entity Effects
    • Moving near certain liberated entities will give passive effects to the mobile base as long as it is within range
      • Increased Unit Repair Speed near Repair Bays
      • Decreased Unit Repair Cost near Factories
      • Increased Workshop Speed near Mines and Lumbermills
      • Passive Repair Juice Recovery near Logistics Centers
      • Increased Energy Recovery Speed near Power Plants
  • New autofill button during briefing
    • Fills your squad with the most optimal units/pilots.
  • New Pilot Customization options
  • Minor graphics and map optimizations


  • Entity recapturing changes
    • The recapturing of liberated entities in provinces not at war has been changed
    • Enemy patrols will be dispatched to liberated locations if you haven’t contested the province
    • Locations will be recaptured when the patrol reaches the location
  • Reduced brightness of non-selected units
  • Added Hope and Home Guard to the resource bar
  • Moved the province war UI down to avoid overlap with the resource bar
  • Changed the latest you can start an action to 4.5 seconds into the turn
  • Improved visibility for comms messages in combat
    • Comms can now be skipped as well (using spacebar)
  • Improved readability for cutscene subtitles
  • Most cutscenes have been changed to video files
  • Allied units in battle now display as green to differentiate them from player units
  • Lists can no longer be scrolled when they are not long enough to need scrolling


  • Fixed the total combat time seconds overlapping the decimals when the seconds hit 3 digits
  • Fixed enemy units continuing to overheat after they are destroyed by heat damage
  • Fixed long entity names overlapping with the lines on the combat establishing shot UI
  • 🦾 Fixed enemy reinforcements not getting a tab above the timeline if all other enemy units are destroyed before they arrive
  • Fixed hovering UI not showing up on enemy holograms while in targeting mode
  • Fixed unit heat being visible on the timeline during replay
  • Fixed enemy patrols not chasing the crawler if they recover from being stunned while the crawler is in its vision range
  • Fixed unit projection paths becoming visible during replay if you toggle the UI off and on again
  • 🦾 Fixed units clipping into tall buildings if they dash on top of them
  • 🦾 Fixed melee weapons not displaying damage output stats when equipped
  • 🦾 Fixed unit integrity discrepancies between units screen and the unit editing screen
  • Fixed the dash path off of tall buildings looking unrealistic
  • Fixed damage values disappearing as soon as units are destroyed
  • 🦾 Fixed weapons not being synced to the hands during the tutorial (prequel) battle
  • Fixed beam attacks not visually appearing if done as late in the turn as possible and replay is entered before the next turn
  • Fixed the black market event flow breaking if the player is defeated in a raid
  • Fixed pilots’ eyes having a bright white outline
  • Fixed the camera being unable to focus on a unit through the UI button if another unit was selected via double-click
  • 🦾 Fixed the Attack Base action being unable to clear if you liberate a province without clearing it
  • 🦾 Fixed the options for the Dog Owner event options running off the screen
  • Fixed the overworld clock running in a bizarre pattern
  • Typo fixes/minor text changes

And for modders:

  • Fixed the default armor colors showing up when custom livery R values are below 0.13