Patch 0.23.1-b5426

Released: 19th January 2023

  • ▲ – a buff was applied
  • ▼ – a nerf was applied
  • ⮂ – a tradeoff occurred
  • 🦾 – a change was made based on community feedback

Changes and New Features

    • This was to fix a conflict issue with file backup software such as OneDrive
    • We encourage starting over because of weapon generation changes
    • If you would like to use your existing saves, you will have to copy the saves folder to this location:
      • C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Local/PhantomBrigade
      • Old save location was at:
      • C:/Users/[username]/Documents/My Games/Phantom Brigade
        • Saves should be in the “Saves (Experimental)” folder

UI Updates

  • Changed the Optimal Range Circle
    • The edges now fade out instead of having a hard cut at a certain percentage
    • Hovering over attack action buttons now shows the optimal range for that weapon
  • Changed damage type symbols to be consistent across the whole game
  • Changed the UI for Damage Numbers that appear when units are hit
    • Shows a symbol and number for the type and amount of damage done
  • Changed the UI that appears when you hover over a unit
    • Modified to include Pilot HP and reorganized to make more sense
    • Shows the full percentage of damage that was done to a unit that turn
  • Changed the unit hit markers to be more noticeable
    • Hit markers are different now for Integrity Damage and Barrier Damage, as well as for optimal range hits and suboptimal range hits.
  • Added information about current context’s keybinds to the pause menu

Visual Changes

  • Added a new pilot screen
    • See your pilots in the crawler, with different animations depending on personality
  • Added more pilot customization options

Gameplay Changes

  • Added Key Rebinding
    • Keyboard & Mouse buttons can now be rebinded in the options menu
  • Added Subsystems for weapons
    • A new set of subsystems for use on weapons
  • Changed – Trees no longer destroy bullets, and instead deflects them slightly.
  • Added New Pilot Origin events
    • Stunt Pilot
    • Family Redeemer
    • Aspiring Home Guard
    • Brostlander

Balance Changes

  • ⮂ Modified subsystem generation on new weapons
  • ▼ Railguns have been nerfed slightly


  • 🦾 Fixed an issue with patrols not spawning
  • 🦾 Fixed Actions being able to be overlapped by dragging them under actions currently being placed
  • Fixed some of the workshop project names being incorrect/misleading
  • Fixed patrols stopping chasing the crawler too quickly
  • 🦾 Fixed issues with the arrows used to switch between units in unit editing
  • Fixed framerate tanking while renaming saves
  • Fixed a rare case where home guard tanks could drop with no weapons
  • Fixed the scan visual effect on the overworld not fading if the base view is entered during the effect
  • 🦾 Fixed some UI interactions being broken at 4:3 aspect ratios
  • Fixed layered smoke VFX popping in/out of other smoke VFX when rotating the camera
  • Fixed rain being visible in the virtual environment while editing mechs
  • Fixed rain being frozen in time during briefing
  • Fixed rain being frozen in time on the overworld
  • Fixed subtitles being desynced in the Mother cutscene
  • Fixed the capital battle flythrough cutscene sometimes being underground
  • Fixed an exception occurring after loading a save during the capital battle after reinforcements have arrived
  • Fixed reinforcements called into the capital battle not spawning
  • Fixed the ending cutscene after the capital battle not playing
  • Fixed sorting for subsystems in the inventory menu not working correctly
  • Fixed certain weapons being able to generate with incompatible perks
  • Cleaned up pilot animations
  • Text and Typo fixes