Patch 0.4.1-b1299
Released 17 Feb 21 - HOTFIX
Patch 0.4.0-b1268
Released 16 Feb 21 - RELEASE
Patch 0.4.0-b1268
Released 12 Feb 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.3.3-b1193
Released 05 Feb 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.3.2-b1160
Released 29 Jan 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.3.1-b1114
Released 22 Jan 21 - HOTFIX
Patch 0.3.0-b1093
Released 19 Jan 21 - RELEASE
Patch 0.2.2-b1068
Released 15 Jan 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.2.1-b1023
Released 16 Dec 20 - HOTFIX
Patch 0.2.0-b1012
Released 15 Dec 20 - RELEASE

Patch 0.3.1-b1114

Released: 22nd January 2021

Changes in 0.3.1-b1114

  • Added more information to the site descriptions on the overworld. It’s now possible to see what kind of encounter will be at the site! 

Fixed issues in 0.3.1-b1114

  • More fixes to text errors and typos
  • Fixed pilot chosen for the Birthday event not saving properly
  • If player is defeated after a retreat zone becomes available, “Defeat” UI will read “Retreated” instead (though it is still treated as a defeat)
  • Fixed an issue where defeating an enemy squad before reinforcements arrive resulted in an instant victory
  • Fixed Intel event not spawning a cache
  • Fixed destruction elevation on one of the village combat maps
  • “Suit up” option is no longer available during the War Memorial event if the player has lost all their units