Patch 0.4.0-b1268

Released: 16th February 2021


  • MISSILE WHILE YOU WORK: Four new missile launchers!
  • MELEE BUFFET: 27 new melee weapon variants.
  • HYBRID TANKS: Tanks can now carry mech weapons!
  • HIT AND RUN: New combat scenario type.
  • LIGHTS OUT: New narrative event.
  • REACTIVE MUSIC: Music reacts to the state of your battles.

Phantom Brigade is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. We update Phantom Brigade on the third Tuesday of every month. You can expect the next major update on Tuesday, March 16th. See the full patch notes below!

Changes in 0.4.0-b1268

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Missile While You Work

  • Four new missile launcher variants!
  • These can be found in any province after the first one (In Ostbager-Wiel and beyond)
  • These high concussion weapons launch multiple guided projectiles at once and their impacts cause an area of effect explosion
  • Their rocket power can cause them to be imprecise, so if you’re under attack, you might be able to dash out of the way
  • Expect balance changes and tweaks in the future!

Melee Buffet

  • Three new weapons in three sizes, three rarities and three variants = 27 new melee weapons!
  • These can be found on convoys roaming around the overworld
  • High concussion axe: Axes are heavy and are excellent weapons for knocking out your enemies
  • New blades including Plasma Swords: Blades are light and fast and but have little concussion damage
  • Cutters: Cutters deal heavy damage but have a high heat cost

Hybrid Tanks

  • These tanks can use mech weaponry such as pistols, assault rifles, and machine guns. Defeat them to salvage their gear!
  • These tanks spawn after the first two tutorial provinces (after Ostbager-Wiel) in provinces controlled by Experimental, Specops, or Army factions

New “Hit and Run” Combat Scenarios

  • Deal a blow to the enemy and escape before they know what hit them!
  • On Camps and Patrols, eliminate the first wave of enemies and retreat before the second wave of heavy reinforcements arrive on the field
  • Or, stick it through a tough battle to reap better rewards

New “Lights Out” Narrative Event

  • Big mech battles can take a toll on the citizens of your country. Will you own up and take responsibility for your actions?

Enemy AI Targeting Improvements

  • Enemies take player mech statistics (health, distance, and speed) into consideration
  • Enemies will try to avoid planning actions where other enemies get hit with friendly fire

Faction Satisfaction

  • Factions (Experimental, Specops, Army, or Reserves) are more distinct from each other. Enemies now drop armor and weapons specific to their faction 

Overworld Updates

  • 🦾 Added more information to the site descriptions on the overworld. It’s now possible to see what kind of encounter will be at the site!

Music to My Ears

  • Music now changes from turn to turn depending on how close you are to victory in Elimination and Hit and Run scenarios. Taking out enemies will sound more triumphant while getting wiped out will sound more grave
  • New track for mission briefing
  • New stingers for victory and defeat by retreat
  • Added an audio effect to the overworld when zoomed out

Fixed issues in 0.4.0-b1268

  • Various fixes to UI, typos, and other text errors
  • Visual bugs with VFX on rockets during dash or melee
  • Various audio fixes on certain weapons and ranges
  • Fixed floating units spawning into small military base maps 
  • ? The list of options on events screens have been reversed
  • Fixed various visual issues during tutorial and opening cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where two combat scenarios could be triggered on the base in Ostbager-Wiel
  • Fixed missing joints on Elbrus, Helge, and Tsubasa arms and legs
  • Fixed repair time on units being reset when reloading during repairs
  • Fixed possible negative loot on the Stuck in the Mud event
  • Cleaning up various mech animations
  • Various fixes to SFX
  • Fixed an issue causing reinforcements to land on the wrong turn
  • Fixed briefing screen not showing the correct faction for the scenario
  • Fixed a visual bug where running after attacking while waiting causes a delay
  • Fixes to overworld tutorial scenarios
  • Fixed pilot chosen for the Birthday event not saving properly
  • Fixed an issue where if player is defeated after a retreat zone becomes available, “Defeat” UI will read “Retreated” instead (though it is still treated as a defeat)
  • Fixed an issue where defeating an enemy squad before reinforcements arrive resulted in an instant victory
  • Fixed Intel event not spawning a cache
  • Fixed destruction elevation on one of the village combat maps
  • “Suit up” option is no longer available during the War Memorial event if the player has lost all their units