Patch 0.4.0-b1268

Released: 12th February 2021

Changes in 0.4.0-b1268

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

Missile While You Work

  • Four new missile launcher variants!
  • These can be found in any province after the first one (In Ostbager-Wiel and beyond)
  • These high concussion weapons launch multiple guided projectiles at once and their impacts cause an area of effect explosion
  • Their rocket power can cause them to be imprecise, so if you’re under attack, you might be able to dash out of the way
  • Expect balance changes and tweaks in the future!

Melee Buffet

  • Three new weapons in three sizes, three rarities and three variants = 27 new melee weapons!
  • These can be found on convoys roaming around the overworld
  • High concussion axe: Axes are heavy and are excellent weapons for knocking out your enemies
  • New blades including Plasma Swords: Blades are light and fast and but have little concussion damage
  • Cutters: Cutters deal heavy damage but have a high heat cost

Music to My Ears

  • New track for mission briefing
  • New stingers for victory and defeat by retreat

Fixed issues in 0.4.0-b1268

  • Various fixes to UI, typos, and other text errors
  • Visual bugs with VFX on rockets during dash or melee
  • Various audio fixes on certain weapons and ranges
  • Fixed floating units spawning into small military base maps 
  • ? The list of options on events screens have been reversed
  • Fixed various visual issues during tutorial and opening cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where two combat scenarios could be triggered on the base in Ostbager-Wiel
  • Fixed missing joints on Elbrus, Helge, and Tsubasa arms and legs
  • Fixed repair time on units being reset when reloading during repairs
  • Fixed possible negative loot on the Stuck in the Mud event