Patch 0.4.2-b1393

Released: 5th March 2021

Changes in 0.4.2-b1393

? indicates changes due to community feedback!


  • Appear on bases and outposts
  • Turrets will scan for PB units in their range and attack if they detect one there
  • Note: there are currently some visual issues with these including the damage on the ground surrounding turrets making them appear like they’re floating. We’re working to fix these!


  • AI Dashing: enemies can now dash!
  • Added a system for varying dash distances.
    • Added three brand new thruster subsystems!
    • Made balance adjustments to existing thrusters
    • Dash distance can now change based on mech weight and thruster power
  • Player dashes can temporarily jam guided missiles allowing you to dash away from homing projectiles on your tail


  • Bidirectional melee: you can press CTRL to switch which side of your target you’re attacking, and still go behind the target to open up more angles
  • Four new Missile Launchers (slug, starburst, snail, and hornet)
    • Slug: Fires one very strong but slow moving medium-range missile with no guidance and large target spread 
    • Starburst: Fires ten weak but fast sort-range missiles with no guidance and moderate target spread. Missiles first travel in a fixed trajectory almost 100% vertical, with some spread between them in a “starburst” formation
    • Snail: Slow moving, but very strong missiles which are best for targeting stationary units (note: due to a bug these may not be spawning)
    • Hornet: Fires six weak medium speed long-range missiles with guidance and moderate target spread
  • “Minigun” Ultra Heavy Weapon
    • These will spawn randomly on units
    • Incredibly heavy but useful for suppression fire and cover destruction, with reduced accuracy when moving
    • Note: there are currently some visual issues with these weapons, you may notice some clipping or odd positioning on it. We appreciate your patience as we fix these!

Bug Reporter

  • Added the ability to attach saves to bug reports to help us pin down problem areas more accurately
  • ?Added a note on the bug reporter window that logs and screenshots are attached to reports


  • Accuracy was reduced on Secondary Missile Launchers
  • Three brand new maps: One on convoys and two new cache maps
  • ?You can now see the optimal range while placing and moving an action on the timeline

Fixed issues in 0.4.2-b1393

  • Fixed an exception occurring on missile collisions (EntityDoesNotHaveComponentException)
  • Occasionally, in combat with multiple waves, an enemy mech will spawn in in a ragdoll state
  • Fixed hidden secondary weapon attacks on action palette 
  • Fixed an issue where units had invalid speed for the first turn after being spawned
  • Fixed an issue causing enemy units to sometimes take no actions in combat
  • Fixed targeting arc for friendly fire on enemy units only appearing for the last fire action of a unit
  • Various fixes to UI, typos, and text issues