Patch 0.5.0-b1485

Released: 16th March 2021


  • VULCAN SALUTE: New “Vulcan” Ultra Heavy Weapon!
  • UNDER THE MISSILETOE: 4 new missile launchers.
  • SWINGS BOTH WAYS: Melees can now attack targets from both sides.
  • FORTIFIED: Turrets appear on Bases and Outposts.
  • YOU’RE LOOKING DASHING: 3 new thrusters.
  • BUT SO ARE THEY: Enemies can now use the dash action too.

Phantom Brigade is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. We update Phantom Brigade on the third Tuesday of every month. You can expect the next major update on Tuesday, April 20th. See the full patch notes below!

Changes in 0.5.0-b1485

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback


  • “Vulcan” Ultra Heavy Weapon
    • These will spawn randomly on units
    • Incredibly heavy but useful for suppression fire and cover destruction, with reduced accuracy when moving
  • Bidirectional melee: you can press CTRL to switch which side of your target you’re attacking, and still go behind the target to open up more angles
  • Four new Missile Launchers
    • Slug: Fires one very strong but slow moving medium-range missile with no guidance and large target spread 
    • Starburst: Fires ten weak but fast sort-range missiles with no guidance and moderate target spread. Missiles first travel in a fixed trajectory almost 100% vertical, with some spread between them in a “starburst” formation
    • Snail: Slow moving, but very strong missiles which are best for targeting stationary units (note: due to a bug these may not be spawning)
    • Hornet: Fires six weak medium speed long-range missiles with guidance and moderate target spread
  • Various improvements to missile VFX
    • Friendly rockets have blue flames while enemy rockets are red
    • Added a variety of smoke trails for different missile types
    • Improved explosion effects on missile impacts
  • Accuracy was reduced on Secondary Missile Launchers


  • These appear on Bases and Outposts
  • Turrets will scan for PB units in their range and attack if they detect one there


  • Three new thrusters!
    • Sidestep: Thruster that is completely unviable for map traversal but is excellent for dodging projectiles and ducking into cover
    • Hotrod: High-performance thruster that cannot be used too often because of heat output
    • Heavy: Very heavy thruster that has excellent performance
  • AI Dashing: enemies can now dash!
  • Added a system for varying dash distances.
    • Made balance adjustments to existing thrusters
    • Dash distance can now change based on mech weight and thruster power
  • Player dashes can temporarily jam guided missiles allowing you to dash away from homing projectiles on your tail
  • Dash range now match melee attack ranges
  • 🦾 It is now possible to use melee attacks between units at different elevations
  • Troopers and tutorial units no longer have thrusters (these units have the “Trooper” name under the enemy pilot portraits)

UI Changes

  • 🦾 You can now see the optimal range while placing and moving an action on the timeline
  • Changed the name of the “Skydive” Missile Launcher to “Direct”
  • Changed “secondary” weapons to “sidearm” weapons
  • Added a unique icon for sidearm missile weapons

Bug Reporter

  • Added the ability to attach saves to bug reports to help us pin down problem areas more accurately
  • 🦾 Added a note on the bug reporter window that logs and screenshots are attached to reports


  • Units will fall and crash if their footing is taken out from under them
  • Three brand new maps: One on convoys and two new cache maps
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes!

Changes Since Experimental:

  • Removed Ultra Heavy units from Training Army branch

Fixed Issues in 0.5.0-b1485

  • “Units without orders” warning message no longer appears for units that have extracted
  • Loading an autosave on the overworld during combat no longer doubles up the music 
  • Save name cannot be completely deleted when named “save”
  • Fixed Crashed Pilot Pods occasionally spawning outside of province borders
  • Fixed incorrect explosion effect on small missiles
  • Fixed diagonal slopes on certain maps being unpathable
  • It is no longer possible to target enemy reinforcements while they’re dropping in
  • Fixed vehicle props not playing destruction SFX
  • Fixed an issue where various props were not showing destruction (such as trees not falling over when moving through them)
  • Fixed autocannons and cannons from tanks being found in salvages
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally enemy mechs will drop in with no weapons, ejecting immediately
  • Fixed melee weapons missing their trails
  • Fixed an issue causing mechs to stay floating after dashing from different elevations
  • Fixed audio settings “wrapping” after setting to 0%
  • Fixed weapon range flickering on tall buildings
  • Various animation improvements
  • Fixed an exception occurring on missile collisions (EntityDoesNotHaveComponentException)
  • Fixed an issue where in combat with multiple waves, an enemy mech will occasionally spawn in in a ragdoll state
  • Fixed hidden secondary weapon attacks on action palette 
  • Fixed an issue where units had invalid speed for the first turn after being spawned
  • Fixed an issue causing enemy units to sometimes take no actions in combat
  • Fixed targeting arc for friendly fire on enemy units only appearing for the last fire action of a unit
  • Various fixes to UI, typos, and text issues