Patch 0.5.4-b1652

Released: 15th April 2021

Changes in 0.5.4-b1652

? indicates changes due to community feedback

Feeling Energized

  • Renamed energy weapon archetypes
    • Flux: Shotgun ➟ Railgun Splitter
    • Curve: Sniper ➟ Plasma Seeker
    • Dragon: Shotgun ➟ Railgun Repeater
    • Pulse: Assault Rifle ➟ Plasma Repeater
    • Charge: Cannon ➟ Plasma Launcher
    • Trace: MMG ➟ Incendiary Repeater
  • Added SFX for new energy weapons
  • Added more VFX for new energy weapons

Going with the Flow

  • More improvements to single-action melee
    • ? Removed auto-scrubbing when placing a melee attack on the timeline
    • Changed the colour of the strike trajectory to red
    • Added a tooltip on the timeline to explain how to place a melee action
    • Switched “melee” border when placing an attack to “location targeting”
  • Simplified the tooltip for dash in the timeline 

Tanks and Vehicles

  • Updated Elevated Tanks to spawn with Railguns 
  • Vehicles can now overheat

Balance Tweaks

  • Increased the stagger on Pulse
  • Increased the heat on Dragon
  • Increased the speed of Elevated Tanks to match that of AA Tanks

Misc. Updates

  • Added UI to display accumulated stagger, heat, and concussion damage on a unit. 
    • Stagger debuff value will update as long as change in damage is larger than 0.05
  • Toned down hills and valleys in terrain on various maps
  • Lots of bug fixing!

Fixed Issues in 0.5.4-b1652

  • Fixed an issue where melee attacks with Cutter weapons did not connect
  • Fixed tanks and turrets not generating heat
  • Removed Railgun debug line
  • Fixed an issue where thrusters would stay on after a fallback melee attack
  • Fixed an issue where melee queued at the edge of the attack radius would miss
  • Fixed smoke from explosions and VFX from energy weapon trails shooting across the map
  • Fixed inactive Elevated Tanks appearing in on various maps
  • Removed the floating Elevated Tank from the tutorial
  • Fixed invisible tanks appearing in the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue causing shields to snap around when mechs are jumping across gaps in terrain
  • Fixed units with shields holding them upside down when executing melee attacks