Patch 0.6.1-b1695

Released: 21st April 2021

Changes in 0.6.1-b1695

? indicates changes due to community feedback

Updated the appearance of the targeting UI

  • Hovering the reticle over the targeting range will show a green cone for high effectiveness and red if it is out of range
  • Guided weapons do not show the above cones
  • All weapons show proper projectile trajectories
  • Cover will now cast a shadow behind them in the effective range
  • Increased the brightness of turret scanning zones

Elevated Hybrid Tanks

  • Elevated tanks can now spawn with mech weapons!
  • Note: there is currently a visual issue where elevated tanks equipping mech weapons are missing a turret. This can cause weapons to appear mis-aligned.

Fixed Issues in 0.6.1-b1695

  • ? Fixed artillery units spawning without equipment causing them to be invincible
  • Fixed inaccuracies in weapon effectiveness on energy weapons
  • Added a retreat zone to the Capital battle
  • Fixed Concussion, Stagger, and Heat damage UI can cluttering the screen
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally, only one enemy unit will spawn in the first wave of combat
  • Fixed an issue where splash damage could be taken from the opposite direction that it is shot
  • Fixed a pathing issue on one of the Patrol squad maps
  • More bug fixes!