Patch 0.6.2-b1811

Released: 5th May 2021

Changes in 0.6.2-b1811

? indicates changes due to community feedback

Livery Delivery

  • Enemy units have liveries based on faction, unit group, and grade
  • ? Added new materials to liveries
  • ? Added new liveries

“For He That Fights and Runs Away…”

  • There’s now a new timeline action for Retreating
    • This allows for better control of which units are retreating and when. Units won’t do anything if a retreat is placed on the timeline while outside of a retreat zone

Improved Combat UI

  • ? Projectile path prediction and optimal ranges now account for cover
  • ? Added a widget to help guide shield targeting
  • ? More improvements to melee targeting UI to show the path of the weapon more accurately
  • ? Re-wrote steps in the tutorial scenario

 Improved Armor/Weapon UI

  • ? Detailed stats on weapons are now hidden by default, reveal them by holding CTRL
  • ? Weapons now have descriptions for traits (such as Incendiary, Destabilizing, etc)
  • ? Renamed “Standard” Assault Rifle to “Astra”
  • ? Dismantle multiple items at once! Selecting the name will select a single part, selecting the checkbox will select multiple

Lots of Rebalancing

  • Rebalanced tutorial provinces to be less difficult
  • Improved how heat and damage are calculated
  • Removed turrets from the base in Ostbager-Weil
  • Increased the difficulty of Elevated Tanks and added Barrier to them
  • Restructured enemy unit groups in combat scenarios. This means:
    • combat length reduced
    • increased loot level/quality
    • improved equipment distribution across factions and unit groups
    • improved role diversity in unit groups


  • New ambient track in Mission Briefing
  • Animation improvements to transitions out of melee and transitions in dashing
  • More bug fixes!

Fixed Issues in 0.6.2-b1811

  • Fixed an issue causing secondary melee to miss
  • Various fixes to holograms
    • run holograms no longer linger when you cancel movement
    • fixed shield and ultra heavy equipped holograms
  • Fixed Unit Editing SFX not playing correctly
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would begin firing before the turret has turned on Elevated Tanks
  • Fixed offset weapons on Elevated Tanks
  • Fixed Tracer and Dragon overheating enemies in one volley