Patch 0.6.3-b1868

Released: 14th May 2021

Changes in 0.6.3-b1868

? indicates changes due to community feedback

Retreat Improvements

  • ? Retreat action is no longer available when retreat is not possible
  • Retreat action now has a unique icon and colour


  • Rebalanced Tsubasa armor set to be more resilient
  • Changed “Overheat Threshold” on unit summary to “Overheat Point”
  • Added new UI SFX to Roadmap, Generate Seed, and Randomize Seed buttons
  • Lots of bug fixing!

Fixed Issues in 0.6.3-b1868

  • ? Tentatively fixed an issue allowing autocannons and cannons from tanks to be salvaged
  • Fixed an issue where units would remain in the air after their arm was destroyed during a melee attack
  • Fixed various weapon trait inaccuracies including the “Concussive” trait appearing on all shields
  • Fixed liveries not saving if “All Parts” button was used to paint them
  • Fixed part/subsystem preview not clearing when you deselect
  • Fixed an issue where “Scrap and Detach” in the inventory did not give the appropriate scrap for common rarity parts
  • Fixed part preview not clearing when deselecting or scrapping parts in inventory view
  • Fixed Scrap Parts UI appearing in Loot Inventory Scan
  • Fixed Scrap Parts UI appearing in Livery Editing
  • Fixed fully scrapped parts not disappearing until navigating away from the list
  • Fixed the word “DEBUG” appearing instead of Overheat Point number
  • Fixed occasional issues with Incendiary weapons not displaying properly in lists
  • Fixed an issue where units would hover while running before a melee attack
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Lights Out” event to appear too frequently
  • Fixed missing unit presets for the training army unit groups and added juggernaut, sharpshooter and striker presets