Patch 0.7.0-b1882

Released: 18th May 2021

Update 6: Livery or Death


LIVERY DELIVERY: New liveries and materials added!
LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY: Improved Retreat action.
UI ENHANCEMENTS: Improved combat, targeting, and armour UI.
EQUILIBRIUM: Rebalanced early provinces.

Phantom Brigade is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. We update Phantom Brigade on the third Tuesday of every month. You can expect the next major update on Tuesday, June 15th at 11:00AM PT. See the full patch notes below!

Changes in 0.7.0-b1882

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

Livery Delivery

  • Enemy units received liveries based on military branch, role of the group they belong to, and equipment quality.
  • 🦾 Added new materials to liveries
  • 🦾 Added new liveries
  • 🦾 It is now possible paint all parts at once! In “Edit Livery”:
  • 1. Double click to remove any liveries (optional)
  • 2. Select “All Parts”

  • 3. Choose a livery!

  • This paints the entire mech a base colour. All individual part liveries can then be applied on top

“For He That Fights and Runs Away…”

  • 🦾 Retreating is now triggered from the new timeline action, not from only entering the retreat zone
    • This allows for better control of which units are retreating and when. Units won’t do anything if a retreat is placed on the timeline while outside of a retreat zone
  • 🦾 Retreat action is no longer available when retreat is not possible

Improved Combat UI

  • Projectile path prediction and optimal ranges now account for cover
  • Added a widget to help guide shield targeting
  • More improvements to melee targeting UI to show the path of the weapon more accurately
  • Changed “Overheat Threshold” on unit summary to “Overheat Point”
  • Re-wrote steps in the tutorial scenario

Improved Targeting UI

  • Hovering the reticle over the targeting range will show a green cone for high effectiveness and red if it is out of range
  • Guided weapons do not show the above cones
  • All weapons show proper projectile trajectories
  • Cover will now cast a shadow behind them in the effective range
  • Increased the brightness of turret scanning zones

🦾 Improved Armor/Weapon UI

    • Detailed stats on weapons are now hidden by default, reveal them by holding CTRL
    • Weapons now have descriptions for traits (such as Incendiary, Destabilizing, etc)
    • Renamed “Standard” Assault Rifle to “Astra”
    • Dismantle multiple items at once! Selecting the name will select a single part, selecting the checkbox will select multiple. Then use the context menu to dismantle the selection.

    • Parts can now be compared by selecting a part and then hovering over another in the list

Added icons and colours to output damage on weapons to indicate damage types:

  • ? = Direct damage
  • ? = Incendiary damage
  • ? = Concussive damage
  • ⬇️ = Stagger damage

Elevated Hybrid Tanks

    • Elevated tanks can now spawn with mech weapons!

Melee Animation Improvements

    • Animation improvements to transitions out of melee and transitions in dashing

Music to our Ears

    • New ambient track in Mission Briefing
    • Added new UI SFX to Roadmap, Generate Seed, and Randomize Seed buttons

Lots of Rebalancing

  • Rebalanced tutorial provinces to be less difficult
  • Improved how heat and damage are calculated
  • Removed turrets from the base in Ostbager-Weil
  • Increased the difficulty of Elevated Tanks and added Barrier to them
  • Restructured enemy unit groups in combat scenarios. This means:
    • combat length reduced
    • increased loot level/quality
    • improved equipment distribution across factions and unit groups
    • improved role diversity in unit groups

Fixed Issues in 0.7.0-b1882

  • 🦾 Tentatively fixed an issue allowing autocannons and cannons from tanks to be salvaged
  • Fixed an issue where units would remain in the air after their arm was destroyed during a melee attack
  • Fixed various weapon trait inaccuracies including the “Concussive” trait appearing on all shields
  • Fixed liveries not saving if “All Parts” button was used to paint them
  • Fixed part/subsystem preview not clearing when you deselect
  • Fixed an issue where “Scrap and Detach” in the inventory did not give the appropriate scrap for common rarity parts
  • Fixed part preview not clearing when deselecting or scrapping parts in inventory view
  • Fixed Scrap Parts UI appearing in Loot Inventory Scan
  • Fixed Scrap Parts UI appearing in Livery Editing
  • Fixed fully scrapped parts not disappearing until navigating away from the list
  • Fixed the word “DEBUG” appearing instead of Overheat Point number
  • Fixed occasional issues with Incendiary weapons not displaying properly in lists
  • Fixed an issue where units would hover while running before a melee attack
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Lights Out” event to appear too frequently
  • Fixed missing unit presets for the training army unit groups and added juggernaut, sharpshooter and striker presets
  • Fixed an issue causing secondary melee to miss
  • Various fixes to holograms
    • run holograms no longer linger when you cancel movement
    • fixed shield and ultra heavy equipped holograms
  • Fixed Unit Editing SFX not playing correctly
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would begin firing before the turret has turned on Elevated Tanks
  • Fixed offset weapons on Elevated Tanks
  • Fixed Tracer and Dragon overheating enemies in one volley
  • Fixed an issue where elevated tanks would spawn into combat without pilots, causing them to eject immediately. Thank you for your patience!
  • 🦾 Fixed artillery units spawning without equipment causing them to be invincible
  • Fixed inaccuracies in weapon effectiveness on energy weapons
  • Added a retreat zone to the Capital battle
  • Fixed Concussion, Stagger, and Heat damage UI can cluttering the screen
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally, only one enemy unit will spawn in the first wave of combat
  • Fixed an issue where splash damage could be taken from the opposite direction that it is shot
  • Fixed a pathing issue on one of the Patrol squad maps

And for those in experimental…

  • Fixed starting parts disappearing from the inventory when unequipped
  • Fixed concussion, heat, and melee hits not scaling by level properly
  • Rebalanced Tsubasa armor set to be more resilient