Patch 0.7.2-b1936

Released: 27th May 2021

Changes in 0.7.2-b1936

? indicates changes due to community feedback

  • Beam weapons deal continuous damage on a unit in the path of the beam. Beams will lock-on and follow the targeted unit as they move.
  • Note that optimal range can be inaccurate for beams at the moment. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on this feature!
    • They can be found on Experimental and Army controlled sites
    • Beam vulnerability: damage is compounded the longer the beam is in contact with the target. Damage can be compounded even more with multiple beams.
    • Overcome obstacles by reflecting beams off of shields
    • Three new weapons:
      • Beam 1: This heavy weapon has a long range. This weapon deals a moderate amount of damage and has a slow rotation speed
      • Beam 2: a medium weight weapon that fires a narrow beam at medium range. This weapon is slow to compound damage but can be devastating when locked onto its target for a long time, or shot at with another beam.
      • Beam 3: Beam weapon that has a short range, average beam width, and deals thermal damage. This weapon also has short action duration and heat cost, allowing it to be fired a couple of times in a row.
  • ? Improved unit markers to highlight units better when camera is far away

  • ? Energy weapons now spawn more frequently (on Army controlled sites)
  • Added new energy weapon visuals for Plasma Launchers, Plasma Repeaters, Railgun Repeaters and Railgun Splitters
    • Featured in the image below are Charge (plasma launcher), Pulse (plasma repeater), and Curve (plasma repeater)

  • Lots of bug fixes!

    Fixed issues in 0.7.2-b1936

    • Holograms of units dropping in no longer appear like they’re crashing
    • Fixed ML Turrets being salvageable loot in smash & grab combat
    • Fixed left arm not returning to support position after crashing with a 2-handed primary weapon
    • Fixed shield snapping into positions leaving unit undefended during movement (some snapping still occurs)
    • Fixed ultra-heavy weapons not appearing correctly in holograms
    • Fixed shield clipping into the leg of a hologram with a two-handed weapon
    • Fixed shield popping when bracing while changing movement directions
    • The base no longer gets stuck in place when ambushed during a salvage
    • Various fixes to holster, aiming, jumping, and firing animations
    • Fixed dash actions filling the timeline if placed after a crash