Patch 0.8.0-b2035

Released: 15th June 2021

Update 7: The Beam Me Update


TO BEAM, OR NOT TO BEAM: New beam weapons added!
ALL THE COLOURS: New colours and iridescent livery effects.
FROM THE GROUND UP: Better map backgrounds.

Phantom Brigade is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. We update Phantom Brigade on the third Tuesday of every month. You can expect the next major update on Tuesday, July 20th at 11:00AM PT. See the full patch notes below!

Changes in 0.8.0-b2035

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

Beam Weapons

  • These brand new energy weapons can be found on Experimental and Army controlled sites
  • Beam weapons deal continuous damage on a unit in the path of the beam. Beams will lock-on and follow the targeted unit as they move 
  • Damage is compounded the longer the beam is in contact with the target. Damage can be compounded even more with multiple beams
  • Beams can go through multiple targets. They can be reflected by an active shield: reflect enemy attacks back at them or try redirecting your own beams around obstacles
  • Three new weapons:
    • BM1 Sunswarm: This heavy weapon has a long range. This weapon deals a moderate amount of damage and has a slow rotation speed
    • BM2 Glorydog: a medium weight weapon that fires a narrow beam at medium range. This weapon is slow to compound damage but can be devastating when locked onto its target for a long time, or shot at with another beam
    • BM3 Alpenglow : Beam weapon that has a short range, average beam width, and deals thermal damage. This weapon also has short action duration and heat cost, allowing it to be fired a couple of times in a row


  • Five brand new Iridescent livery palettes
  • Added 12 new “Neutral” livery palettes
  • Added iridescence to Experimental liveries

Map Backgrounds

  • Added backgrounds to all combat maps
  • Hills, trees, roads, and railways can now be seen beyond the border of all maps
  • Added wider road sets to combat maps and adjusted the width of existing roads


  • 🦾 Energy weapons now spawn more frequently (on Army controlled sites)
  • Added new energy weapon visuals for Plasma Launchers, Plasma Repeaters, Railgun Repeaters and Railgun Splitters
  • Units moving slower than 8 m/s will use jetpacks to jump
  • It’s now possible to equip Melee Sidearms as Primary weapons
  • Updated the Phantom Brigade logo on the Main Menu
  • ? Improved unit markers to highlight units better when camera is far away

Fixed issues in 0.8.0-b2035

  • Holograms of units dropping in no longer appear like they’re crashing
  • Fixed ML Turrets being salvageable loot in smash & grab combat
  • Fixed left arm not returning to support position after crashing with a 2-handed primary weapon
  • Fixed shield snapping into positions leaving unit undefended during movement (some snapping still occurs)
  • Fixed ultra-heavy weapons not appearing correctly in holograms
  • Fixed shield clipping into the leg of a hologram with a two-handed weapon
  • Fixed shield popping when bracing while changing movement directions
  • Various fixes to holster, aiming, jumping, and firing animations
  • Fixed dash actions filling the timeline if placed after a crash
  • Fixed an issue causing enemy spawn points to be too close to turrets
  • Fixed single enemy units occasionally spawning in the first wave of combat
  • Fixed victory parade event spam when base exits a province
  • Fixed caches and battlefields not being inspectable
  • Fixed an issue winning and salvaging multiple patrol encounters in a row caused the base to get stuck on the overworld
  • Fixed optimal range ring only showing when hovering off the timeline
  • Fixed a gap that couldn’t be crossed on small facility combat maps
  • Fixed turrets on tanks pointing the wrong direction when spawning in to combat
  • Fixed camera angle UI appearing in Inventory
  • Concussed units can no longer be collided with in combat (you can now path through them)
  • Fixed retreat updating to victory a turn late on Hit & Run scenarios
  • Fixed a rare issue causing Guardian tanks to spawn with no health in Ostbager-Wiel
  • Fixed blank tooltips appearing when hovering over a button after launching the game for the first time
  • Fixed shading on small fir trees
  • More fixes to floating trees and hills on map backgrounds