Released: 30th June 2021

Changes in 0.8.2-b2105

? indicates changes due to community feedback

UI Improvements

  • Tooltips now appear after a one second delay to reduce noise on lists
  • Added combat outcome to the upper left corner of the salvage screen

Effects Improvements

  • Improved VFX on the new Ultra Heavy Beam weapon
  • Added SFX to explosions on heavy level damage done instantly (such as level damage caused by Ultra Heavy Beams)


  • Added auto-save after combat back into the game. This autosave is now made after salvage concludes
  • Lots of bug fixes!

Fixed Issues in 0.8.2-b2105

  • ? Fixed equipment stats getting hidden behind the salvage list
  • ? Subsystems salvaged from tanks are now added to the inventory
  • ? Fixed root salvage costing salvage points
  • ? Fixed issues with supplies or parts not being added to the inventory after salvaging
  • ? Fixed salvage being available after retreat or defeat
  • ? Fixed friendly mechs being available for salvage after retreat or defeat
  • Prevented events from appearing in the salvage screen
  • Fixed subsystems not getting dismantled for supplies in the salvage screen
  • Fixed background view in unit editing blocking the camera at some angles
  • Fixed combat atmosphere appearing in the base and the overworld
  • Fixed visible spotlights on reinforcements before they spawn on the map
  • Fixed silhouette glow and spotlights remaining on after a unit is knocked out or ejected
  • Fixed spotlights appearing only at night
  • Fixed group information widget in the salvage screen not updating when selecting a part from a different group
  • Fixed BM1 Sunswarm model sometimes missing parts
  • Fixed footprints and spotlights remaining in the retreat zone after retreating
  • Fixed an issue causing units to disappear from the list when combat limits units to two